• a 'lil September catch up •

Good grief.  I just looked and it has been July since I did an update.  I've really been wanting to get photos on here... and just keep it up to date, because well.. I don't print photos, I don't make photo books. ha.  this is pretty much it. 

So August!  ...

August was a whirlwind!  We celebrated Rob's birthday.  He and his dad, brother, and our nephew all went on a guys trip to CA... they had so much fun!  And the girls and I survived on our own. ha.  It was seriously the longest Rob and I have EVER been apart... and really we've maybe spent one or two nights apart since we were married.  It was weird.  But we did it.  There were only a few tears shed by us all. 

We also celebrated Blakely's birthday in August. 

You know you're a dad of girls when your cupcakes
look like this and are served on a heart tray....

Birthday Prime Rib! 

We snuck away for a birthday dinner and a little pool.

Right before he left for CA ♥

Wally Joyner! 

We went to the park A LOT when daddy was in CA! 

I will miss summer outside days! 

couldn't find them... then found them here... sorry costco.  
Happy Birthday Blakely! 

Blakely's fun ice cream party! 

Labor Day weekend came and went.  We didn't really do much.  and that was just amazing for us!  We had planned to do the balloon launch again this year, but it just didn't happen.  Our girls actually sleep past 6am now, so I wasn't about to wake them up at 6 and get them out the door.  We settled for an afternoon at the zoo... and that was perfect!

Harper started school the next day... preK!  She is LOVING it!  I hope she always loves school!
Today was her first day to be the snack leader... so was so excited!  She was nervous about making new friends - wishing all the kids from last year would be in her class.  But she quickly made a little group of friends with a couple of girls and a little boy.... who she has told me is her boy friend... not her boyfriend LOL!

The last two weekends we have enjoyed a kid free evening/overnight.  It's been so nice! 
Last weekend we had a friends wedding, so my mother in law watched the girls and offered to keep them over night.  Then this weekend was our anniversary get away... and they stayed with her again.  How wonderful it has been to reconnect with one another!

He is seriously the best wedding date ♥

my sis in law ♥

We had SO much fun! 
 Our anniversary weekend was perfect!  Rob surprised me with a night's stay in our favorite Bed and Breakfast downtown.  It's so quaint and we also love it because the rooms have their own private hot tub on the balcony - and the views are amazing!  I didn't want to leave that hot tub... Rob bribed me with dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant... that just happens to be within walking distance from the B&B! We stayed up much too late laughing and talking... and it was just so nice!  Being married to my best friend is pretty darn amazing!
The view from our private hot tub at the B&B ♥

We hadn't stayed here since before Hayden was born... but they always
treat their guests like family!  Just love it! 

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