. f a l l bug .

It’s been such a long time since I actually wrote on this blog - meaning not just photos and memory keeping. 

But as I sit here, getting our youngest to sleep and daydreaming of fall,I thought what a great time to write some thoughts. 

It’s almost like clockwork. The Fourth of July is over and the fall bug ignites in my bones, in my blood. I blame it on the slightest hint of crisp air that begins to sneak in. It’s faint, but it’s there. It has me sleeping with the windows open and breathing just a little deeper to capture it. Now, logically I know here in CO we have at least two months of warm summer temps left - but Fall is coming!! 

As I sit here tonight thinking of when I fell in love with fall... I can trace it back to the smell of the leaves my grandmother would rake and I would jump in. The smell of her burning the leaves. The smells of her canning her summer harvest and stowing jars upon jars away in her damp, musty cellar. The laughter and joy that would over flow my Granny & Papaw’s home, as we would gather around their piano, singing old hymns. Giggin’ and the fish fry that always followed. The Friday night football games. The bonfires by the creek in high school. Hotdog roasts. The puzzles by a warm fire. Hayrides in darker than dark hay fields. The Fall street fair on our town square. Hot apple cider while curled up with an old quilt. 

It’s really no wonder I am in love with fall. The fall season for me growing up was picturesque. I might not have grown up in Stars Hollow - but I’m fairly certain it was the Ozarks equivalent. 

I often find myself ‘chasing fall’ here in Colorado. The higher the elevation, the sooner the leaves turn - so usually toward the end of September I begin begging Rob to drive me up the mountain!! Normally I am such a homebody - but I don’t want to miss a minute of it! Creating fall memories for our girls is also a big priority! We typically do a fall festival, pumpkin patch and leaf hunts. The last couple of years we have also had a day fully dedicated to fallness, i.e. carving pumpkins, hot cider, and a fall movie or activity. 
Fall. The smells. The feels. The memories. It’s incredibly breathtaking. 


the fourth at the broadmoor...

The Broadmoor has quickly become a place we like to celebrate family birthdays...

For the fourth, we took off and enjoyed the day with our local family, celebrating not only our Country's birthday but also Jack and Kathy's birthdays.

It was such a wonderful day!  Filled with fun for the kids, walks around the lake, quiet time listening to jazz and blue grass, swimming... and yummy food!

There was a little carnival that the girls LOVED!  Free snow cones, cotton candy, face painting/tattoos, bounce houses... games... you name it!