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On Saturday we headed up to the mountains for the annual fishing derby at Brian & Patti's cabin!

As I had blogged about before, Harper had been practicing her casting for at least a month!  
Our little firsher-girl ended up winning FIRST PLACE!!! 

& even though we had two car sick girls on the way, a mama with an awful head cold... it was still such a fun day!! 

Here are some photo's from the day! 

The first fish she caught... she wasn't so sure about it. ha!

Hayden kept holding all of the fish like she does her kitten.  It was hysterical! 

Hayden's little fish she caught!  

Harper's prize catch! 

Popcorn out of her hat, and a fishing pole... the life!

She wasn't sure what in the world was going on when they called her name!  It was priceless!

with a mouth full of cupcake, she accepted her prize ♥

Trying out her new fishing pole she won!

I could've sat on that rock and fished all day... head cold and all! 

Home to fillet.... 

She learned a very valuable lesson... you catch/kill a living thing... you eat it!!! 

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