Mothers Day!

Sunday Morning ♥
I try really hard not to have some outlandish expectation when it comes to mothers day... I don't want to really make it about the things or gifts, etc.

And this year wasn't any different!

This year/spring, has been a really hard one for our family as a whole, so I urged Rob to take his mom out and spoil her and love on her... she always deserves it, but this year especially!

So I wasn't expecting much of anything... at all!

Harper took me out to starbucks on Friday morning... she asked to do this... and spent her very own starbucks card on ME!  So sweet!  We did that, then headed to target.  It is so good getting one on one time with my girls!

Then on Sunday,  on the way to church he of course stopped and got me starbucks ♥  Then after church I was able to nap with the girls and then they "took me out to lunch"... it was so wonderful!

Then after lunch we stopped by Rob's parents house to say hi and Kathy asked me to leave the girls and go home so I could have some me time!  And oh my was it wonderful!  I sat outside in the sun for awhile and then took a nice long bath!  So amazing!

I was able to get a nice chat in with my momma, which was also amazing!

Playing in the parking lot after lunch.

Our coffee date on Friday.

These crazies!  Love them!  

Earlier in the month, Harper's school had a mothers tea... just for her class.  It was so special!  And such a special and treasured time with her!  (and if you are local and want to know of an AMAZING preschool... just let me know.  They are raked #1 in our city!).

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