life just keeps flying by faster and faster. 
So, here's to documenting what I can... even if it's just mostly pictures ♥

Wolf Lodge Weekend:  We love The Great Wolf Lodge!  The girls have a blast... it wears them out!  And it is so fun for us to watch them being little dare devils in the water ♥  We didn't get very many pictures this trip... but we had such a fun weekend! 

Our little wolves ♥

Naps pool side are the best! 
arcade fun!

this girl!

and this one...

apparently C.P.K. naps are also fantastic! 
Practicing her fishing... This girl is a natural!  My grandfather was a well known fisherman locally... my dad is a fantastic fisherman... so really, she comes by it naturally!  I remember as a little girl, practicing my casting on our dirt road.  Here she is, practicing her casting in our back yard.  With a little guidance from mom, she was casting over the fence in no time!

Park Days:  The girls love the park!  I think they'd stay there all day long if we'd let them!

Library Days: Since we moved to our new house, a different library is closer to us... and we LOVE IT!  It's smaller and the outdoor space is just wonderful!.. cute little chairs and benches, lots of bird baths and bird feeders and picnic areas!  We actually enjoyed a picnic today!

just a little look at one of the outdoor spaces! 
Our picnic today!  So fun! 

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