here comes summertime...

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind!  Kicking off summer... and aaahh... finally summertime!... yet we have yet to slow down.  I'm looking forward to that - to the week where we don't have something every night and the weekend that isn't packed!   

We have the little pool and our sprinkler going everyday... and most days the girls have 2 Popsicles, ha!

The thunderstorms have started (my absolute favorite!)... the parks and library are crowded since everyone is out of school...  It's a give and take, for sure!

We've had a few end of the year things for Harper... and just a few fun family things over the last couple of weeks.

Harper had her end of the year church club awards/celebration ceremony!  It is amazing how big she is getting that we get to go to this kind of thing now... 

Harper at her end of the year award ceremony at church -
with her friends Annabelle and Gunner ♥

haha.  She loves her friends! 

We also finally got another zoo pass!  Rob took a week day off with us right before school was out, and we headed to the zoo!  Now that we have a pass again, I'm looking forward to just short trips with the girls this summer... even if it's to just feed the giraffes! 

y'all.  I hate birds. 

this is one of Rob's favorite pictures haha.
You can really tell how much I'm faking fine for my girls in this pic!
birds.  just ew.   

More park days! 

Harper had her last day of school.. and my goodness! I wasn't prepared for it to make me emotional!!! She still has another year of preschool before K5, but still!  Saying goodbye to all her little friends for the summer... and some she won't be in class with next year.  Her little best friend is doing 3 days a week, Harper will still just be T/Th.  I just can't bare to spend less time with her than I already do, her last year before Kindergarten.  Just can't.  Everyone tells me how much things change once they start kindergarten... ugh.  My baby!!!  I thought we would do 2 days this next year, but when it came down to it actually... I just couldn't. haha.  
She had THE SWEETEST teachers this year! 
Mrs. Tucker & Mrs. Hamstra 

 Last week we also had our Mother/Daughter tea at church!  It was Harper's first year to be able to go!  We got all dressed up and put tea hats on and took our fancy tea cups with us!  Such fun!  There are sooo many more pictures of this night to come (they had the cutest photo booth!).  

Harper with one of her best friends, Ana ♥

Star Wars!! Opening night - 3D Imax! 

We have already had so much fun outside!! The girls are at SUCH a fun age! 

Princess Poppy is getting big!!! Well, she's still tiny.. but she's definitely growing! 

Territory Days!  Memorial day we braved territory days.  yeah, we decided we probably won't go again. haha.  It' was fun, but insane.  

Nap time cuddles never cease around here ♥

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