a new kitten...

She's teeny.  She's mighty.  She's fierce.
Basically she fits right in with our girls ♥

Meet Princess Poppy!
Yes, you guessed it... named by the girls, ha!  I was rallying for "Boo"...but I as vetoed!

We had been keeping our eye out for a new kitten to add to our family for awhile... but kitten season is pretty narrowed down to spring here in CO, so we knew we just needed to be patient.

We went to the humane society, and no luck... all adult cats... which are GREAT!, don't get me wrong... but in our season of life and with our current cats, we needed a kitten.

So I kept an eye out on rescue pages and craigslist for days and weeks...

I eventually did an "ISO" post on craigslist, and after many scam emails, a very sweet lady emailed me that they had a new litter that had just started eating dry food on their own.  They live on a farm, so the kittens were in their barn and the local owl had figured out they had baby kittens... she needed a new home for them ASAP!  She text me some pictures and from those photos we knew which kitten we wanted!  She said she would sit her aside for us... and the next evening we went and got her!

We live on the outskirts of our city... and literally across our road is open field... but we went way out!  My husband was seriously wondering where I was taking our little family, haha...
But we pulled up to their farm to see pigs and cows and the smell of farm life and my heart lept!  Harper and I both were BEAMING!  Rob was rolling his eyes, haha!  After playing with all the kittens for awhile (seriously nicest family ever and best craigslist scenario ever haha)... we swaddled our teeny kitten up in a blanket and drove home.

She was so chill and mellow all the way home.
On our way home!

Harper was in kitty heaven!

Apparently Poppy felt the same ♥

We kept her in the girls' jack n jill bathroom for a few days, then moved her into our room/bathroom so she'd have more room to run and play... giving her and Maui time to sniff one another under the door.  She and Maui have met and they are BEST FRIENDS!  They chase one another all over the house! It is ADORABLE!

Hayden loves pushing her around in her baby stroller.  Poppy is just the right size for her to hold... and she's getting the hang of holding her correctly.. aka, not by her neck!

Poppy is a little crazy... she loves climbing up my legs (pants or shorts on, doesn't matter), loves creeping on us in the shower, and loves chewing and gnawing on everything...

Oh, our little princess poppy!!!

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