here comes summertime...

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind!  Kicking off summer... and aaahh... finally summertime!... yet we have yet to slow down.  I'm looking forward to that - to the week where we don't have something every night and the weekend that isn't packed!   

We have the little pool and our sprinkler going everyday... and most days the girls have 2 Popsicles, ha!

The thunderstorms have started (my absolute favorite!)... the parks and library are crowded since everyone is out of school...  It's a give and take, for sure!

We've had a few end of the year things for Harper... and just a few fun family things over the last couple of weeks.


more of what we've been up to...

Mary and I ♥
Visitors! some of our very favorite people came to visit!  Leigh and Mary came to visit for the weekend.  They are long time best friends of my inlaws, but they are so much more than that really...
Leigh married us and Mary... well, Mary is just so special to me!  She took me under her wing long ago through many bible studies, mentoring me, guiding me and praying over me!  I could go on and on and on... let's just say, they are a VERY important part of our story of us... we've sat on their couch crying, as a couple... they have prayed over us generously.  We just LOVE them!

While they were here we celebrated cinco de mayo, had the family over to our house on Sunday afternoon, then on Monday we all went on a hike to 7 falls.


Mothers Day!

Sunday Morning ♥
I try really hard not to have some outlandish expectation when it comes to mothers day... I don't want to really make it about the things or gifts, etc.

And this year wasn't any different!

a new kitten...

She's teeny.  She's mighty.  She's fierce.
Basically she fits right in with our girls ♥

Meet Princess Poppy!
Yes, you guessed it... named by the girls, ha!  I was rallying for "Boo"...but I as vetoed!



life just keeps flying by faster and faster. 
So, here's to documenting what I can... even if it's just mostly pictures ♥