My goodness.  This past month has been a huge emotional roller coaster... I will blog more on that at some point, maybe.  But for now, let's just say we are a very VERY thankful family!

This past weekend we were so blessed to celebrate Easter together!

Saturday we had our Easter Egg Hunt at church!  It was SO fun!  Harper filled up her basket in a matter of seconds, ha!  And Hayden, well, she went out and picked up one egg, put it in her basket and came back to me to sit down and open it up, haha!  After some encouragement to fill up her basket, she too had hers full within a few minutes.

Ready to go hunt eggs!

Waiting, somewhat patiently, to hunt eggs! 

Eating their candy!

Harper and Blakely!

The girls ♥

Hayden was pretty excited about her bucket filled with eggs (aka, CANDY!)

Sunday we woke up early and read the "SURPRISE" chapter in their children's Bible, about the angel rolling away the stone from the tomb, and Mary finding the tomb EMPTY!  Then they got their Easter basket surprises... unfortunately, we have zero pictures of that, ha!  Then we got our Easter dresses on and headed out to church! It was a wonderful morning to celebrate our risen savior!

We were so excited to host Easter at our house this year!  Rob took the girls home for naps, while I stayed at the church to help through second service.  He started the ham and the lamb (yes, my husband made LAMB!).  And then our family started arriving!  It was SUCH a fun day!  Filled with so much love and laughter! ... and food!

The kids played outside, had a little egg hunt inside (it was a cold day!), and we just enjoyed being together as a family!

We weren't sure what Easter was going to look like this year, and if we would all get to be together... but God has answered SO many prayers for us, but especially throughout the month of March!  He has been SO good to our family!  His hand of provision is just so so good!  And what better day to celebrate that as a family, than Easter!

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend:

My hunk, grilling the lamb!
We had so much in our oven, that
Rob had the great idea to grill the lamb ... and
I followed suit with a few veggie dishes!

Love him!

Blowing bubbles in her "fancy coat"!

Hunting eggs inside!

Hunting eggs! 

Love these people!!!! 

Wrapping the weekend up.... ♥

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