miss hayden • the last two years of my life

two years ago TODAY! 
Two years ago I sat, 38 weeks pregnant (thank you children, for never making me go past 38 weeks...both of you. Just thank you.  No wonder I LOVVVED being pregnant!)... anyway,  Huge belly (ok, let's be honest.  it felt huge.  but really.  I gained 18lbs.  come on two years ago self... come on.)...  so ready to meet our sweet sweet baby.

Even though she is our second (4th pregnancy), I still felt like I had no idea what to expect.  And oh boy was I right.  Everything was different about her.  About her labor, birth and everything.

But oh my. How foreshadowing it was that she was born with me laughing.  Literally.  As she was being born and directly after the room overflowed with joy.  Pure, blissful joy!

This little one. I never knew one small little person could bring me so much overwhelming joy.

She continues to bring me joy each and every day.  E V E R Y. D A Y!  She loves her mommy something fierce and the feeling is quite mutual.

She is talking SO much.  She sings constantly... literally constantly.  It's as if her life is a musical.  It's the best.  Currently her favorite songs are "tinkle-tinkle" (aka twinkle twinkle), Jesus Loves Me, and The family finger song (daddy finger, mommy finger, harper finger, hayden finger, and maui finger).
One of my all time favorites. like ever. 

She loves church and loves her friends... especially her teacher Miss Kim and her friend Kenzie (they're not even two weeks apart in age).  In fact, for a couple weeks in her mind Miss Kim and Kenzie went together "miss kim - kenzie" as she called them.

She talks really well and for the most part we can understand most of what she says, ha!  My favorite Hayden-isms:

  • "bup-pee-hands" aka, wash my hands
  • "bup-pee-hair" aka, brush my hair
  • "I huggie you"... no explanation needed
  • "coffee milk"... aka hot chocolate milk when mommy drinks her coffee
  • and the oh so typical... "do it self!!!"... again, no explanation needed

She has THE.FUNNIEST personality.  She has us laughing constantly.  

She likes her space and is totally our introvert, independent girl.  She doesn't always like to be touched or have physical affection (unless from mommy) and she is quick to let you know when she's in that mood.  But other times she is as cuddly as she can be.  

I see more and more of myself in her as she grows.  I use to think Harper was my clone, and yes she and I are a lot alike, but oh my... Hayden.  She definitely got a lot more of my demeanor.  

I cannot believe this Sunday we will celebrate the last two years of her life and she will begin her third year.  How.In.The.World.  

I no longer have a baby.  I have a full blown toddler on my hands.  Oh the love I have for this girl.  There are no words.... just none.  

Her dedication day at church.

in love. I literally cried during this photo shoot because
I loved her so much.

9 months.

1st birthday.

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