h a y d e n is TWO!

This past weekend, our littlest turned two!  We had such a fun day, despite the time change sleepiness!  We woke up early, sang some happy birthday, us girls put on our tutus and we headed off to church.

Hayden was greeted like a celebrity... everyone wishing her a happy birthday.  It was so cute!  She wasn't quite sure what to think!

We headed home for some facetime with Grandma and PapPap, while they watched her open her presents from them.  Then, after nap time Ama, Ampa, Uncle Matt, Aunt Leah, Levi and Blakely came over.  It was such a fun evening!

Hayden had decided she wanted a minnie mouse birthday (she LOVES minnie!!).  We were all ready to order a special order minnie cake from the store when she saw the frozen cupcakes and decided she HAD TO HAVE olaf cupcakes.  What's a mommy and daddy to do, but shrug and go for the $7 cupcakes vs the $30 cake! haha.

Our girl is absolutely the best!  If you can't tell by these photos, she has the best personality!!


miss hayden • the last two years of my life

two years ago TODAY! 
Two years ago I sat, 38 weeks pregnant (thank you children, for never making me go past 38 weeks...both of you. Just thank you.  No wonder I LOVVVED being pregnant!)... anyway,  Huge belly (ok, let's be honest.  it felt huge.  but really.  I gained 18lbs.  come on two years ago self... come on.)...  so ready to meet our sweet sweet baby.

Even though she is our second (4th pregnancy), I still felt like I had no idea what to expect.  And oh boy was I right.  Everything was different about her.  About her labor, birth and everything.

But oh my. How foreshadowing it was that she was born with me laughing.  Literally.  As she was being born and directly after the room overflowed with joy.  Pure, blissful joy!

This little one. I never knew one small little person could bring me so much overwhelming joy.