o u r valentines day

Ridiculously huge arrangement.  It is seriously
like a tree of roses and lilies!  I joked that
this was most definitely an "I messed
up BIG time..." arrangement.  Thankful
my smart husband got it for less than half price
the day after Valentines! haha!! Smart man! ♥
We kicked off the Valentine's celebrations Tuesday... Harper had her party at preschool!  She was SO cute carrying home her little valentines bag full of love from her class.  SO.ADORABLE!

Both girls ended up in bed with us at some point on Tuesday night, so Wednesday we woke up to giggles, and giving them their surprises.  ... which resulted in blowing bubbles in mommy and daddy's bed and begging for candy for breakfast!  Then the day was actually quite busy for us!  I needed to spend the day at the church and Rob had to work, so the girls went to Ama and Apa's, where they made Valentine's treats for us! again. ADORABLE!

Baking with Ama!

On Wednesday nights we also have church... and this particular Wednesday our Women's Ministry was starting a new study, so I didn't want to miss it!  But it was a wonderful evening of time with some of my favorite ladies!! AND... the girls got to be in their classes again for the first time in a while!
Harper and her friend Ana hadn't seen each other in a while...
Ana had been sick for a bit, then we went on vacation,
then Harper was sick for a bit.  They were SO cute
catching up!
Then we went home, got the girls pj's on and got them to bed and Rob made us an amazing dinner!!!... Salmon with spinach and cheese filled ravioli.  Shrimp as an appetizer... and chocolate covered strawberries and champagne for dessert! SO GOOD!  We spent the evening reminiscing over past valentines days (10 to be exact!) and just hanging out!  It was seriously just the best time together!
sooo yummy!!! ♥
I'm working on a post about Valentine's day in general and just my observations from yesterday... and relationships in general!  Hopefully I'll be able to post that soon ... stay tuned!

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