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Goodness!  Well, we had one of our girls turn four recently.  And we are preparing for the second birthday for the littlest!  I'm not sure where time is going.  We spent most of the end of January/beginning of February under the weather.  Harper and I got sick the week before we left for MO, then all three of us were sick while we were in MO, then Rob got sick right as we were getting home.  Then... Hayden got sick.  After a week of fever, I finally broke down and took her to the doctor thinking she must have an ear infection.  Wrong.  Influenza A.  And I kid you not, Harper started coughing right as we got to the doctor. Then the next day I was down for the count.  Hayden was sick for almost two weeks.  She was such a trooper!  Harper's bad days only lasted about 3 days, although she still has an annoying dry cough.  and I'm FINALLY starting to feel a bit better.  It was a long haul!  But...

We've gotten a lot of family time together.  A lot of movie/tv days and pj days.  Rob stayed home with us a few days sprinkled in there.  There were days we were so stinking stir crazy we took the girls to the mall and out for burgers. 
As much as it was so miserable for us to all be sick, and yes I was exhausted being sick and taking care of two sick girls... but we got so much good family time in!
We have some fun plans this spring/summer!  I cannot wait!

At least when your sick... so is your sister!

Box "sick beds" were quite the hit!

They watched tv, ate, and slept in these for two
days straight!  

When she started feeling better, we actually could
do learning things... vs. just watching tv! 

She loves sorting colors!

And it helped we got a few snow days!

Thankfully there was still snow on the ground once
the girls started feeling a bit better.  Harper
begged for two days to play in the snow.
Hayden however....
She did not like being all bundled up!

She got use to it!

Kind of!

Mommy was still awfully sick, so daddy was the go to!

My big helper!! She is amazing!

my 'day after valentines day' flowers! 

please tell me you collect things on your
stairs too... ugh. At least Hayden is


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