a little glimpse...

Goodness!  Well, we had one of our girls turn four recently.  And we are preparing for the second birthday for the littlest!  I'm not sure where time is going.  We spent most of the end of January/beginning of February under the weather.  Harper and I got sick the week before we left for MO, then all three of us were sick while we were in MO, then Rob got sick right as we were getting home.  Then... Hayden got sick.  After a week of fever, I finally broke down and took her to the doctor thinking she must have an ear infection.  Wrong.  Influenza A.  And I kid you not, Harper started coughing right as we got to the doctor. Then the next day I was down for the count.  Hayden was sick for almost two weeks.  She was such a trooper!  Harper's bad days only lasted about 3 days, although she still has an annoying dry cough.  and I'm FINALLY starting to feel a bit better.  It was a long haul!  But...


o u r valentines day

Ridiculously huge arrangement.  It is seriously
like a tree of roses and lilies!  I joked that
this was most definitely an "I messed
up BIG time..." arrangement.  Thankful
my smart husband got it for less than half price
the day after Valentines! haha!! Smart man! ♥
We kicked off the Valentine's celebrations Tuesday... Harper had her party at preschool!  She was SO cute carrying home her little valentines bag full of love from her class.  SO.ADORABLE!


h a r p e r . turns FOUR!

Our sweet little Harper turned four the end of January!  We were so blessed to be able to celebrate her in Missouri as well as Colorado!