• winter MO visit •

Last week we spent the week in MO with my side of the family!  It was extra special because my sister and her family came up from Arkansas, my brother and his family came down from Michigan, and my nephew and his wife came down from Michigan. 

It was also the week before Harper's birthday, so we celebrated while were there! 

The week we left Harper and I both came down with something, but by the time we left for MO we were both feeling much better. 

But... then, apparently, Hayden, Harper and I all caught a different bug on our flight... by Monday we all began feeling pretty awful within hours of one another. Tuesday was the day we had planned on celebrating Harper's birthday, and thankfully the girls were feeling much better by then... I on the other hand had a full blown chest cold.  But what better place to be sick and feeling miserable than your parent's house?! It was ideal!  I got to rest and get better... something that is hard to do at home. 

Harper's birthday at her Grandma and PapPap's was so fun! 

We played lots of games as a family and just spent some special quality time together!  It was so wonderful! 

The weekend we left, we all went to St. Louis for the day/night.  We took the girls to a fun indoor park and visited the arch... and of course drove by the new Cardinals stadium. 

Reading with Grandma!

Visiting where their fairy garden normally is ♥

Adventuring with PapPap

So much fun at Grandma and PapPap's!

Alex, Rob, and Greg

Boone and Harper at Harper's Shopkins birthday!

Hayden and Uncle Greg!

Hanging out with Abi!

Kaitlin ♥

My sister and niece ♥

Of course we stopped by Suzy's for a haircut!

And Hayden's very first haircut!

And of course icecream after! 

Tea party's with Grandma are the best! ... that's my tea set
that was made for me when I was Hayden's age!

Playing in St. Louis!

4 story long slide! 

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