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I recently read over some of my old blog posts from my wordpress blog and had forgotten I use to write Harper letters in blog form... often.  As I read over a few, I decided to try and pick it up, at least occasionally... writing letters to both of our girls.  And maybe even sometimes to Rob!

It's not really a New Year's resolution, but more of a goal for the New Year - to blog more.  Even if it just me keeping record of our memories - not necessarily for writing purposes.  But I'm also secretly hoping it will get my writing juices going again... I miss it! 

So here we go...

Dear Harper,
My sweet girl!  I love how you are growing!  I love that you are such a grown up little person.  Last night your face lit up as you and I sat down to have a conversation before bed... as mommy said, "Did I tell you what happened to me today?!"  Your face glowed!  It was a good reminder that I need to have intentional conversations with you... OFTEN! 
You have such a love for life, little one!  Your joy and energy are contagious... keep it up! 
You told me last night that you can't wait to see God.  You talked about how BIG He must be... and informed me that He has always been big.  And that someday when you meet Him, He will hold you. 

It about made my heart explode!  I love that you have such a love for God in your heart already!
You go back to school tomorrow after Christmas break... and it sounds silly but I'm dreading you going.  I just want to keep you home!  But realistically I know it is just two days a week and only a few hours.  Your Mommy just loves you so much, princess!!!  You are SO very treasured and so very valuable and special to your family!

Dear Hayden, 
Oh my heavens.  You are the sweetest little nugget ever was!  You are SO incredibly sweet one moment (the majority of the time) but oh man... do you ever have a temper.  You were not too happy with sister last night, and your daddy and I couldn't help but laugh at how cute you were chewing her out in your little minon jabber.  ADORABLE!!
You say I love you often... and in the CUTEST little voice.  It makes my heart hurt it is so sweet! And your favorite thing right now is to "boop" (you say boop in a high pitched voice and giggle, all while touching someone's nose.  It cracks you up, so then in turn makes me laugh. 
I cannot believe how much you are growing and how much you are growing up!  How did my teeny baby get so big? 
My heart hurts when I think about how much I love you!!!  We treasure you, sweetpea!

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