2 Meals in One... A mom of picky eaters

I can't be the only one with picky eaters... right?!  Our girls honestly come by it honestly.  Rob and I both can be a little picky!  I hear moms talk about cooking one thing for dinner and their kids eat it... and if they don't - TOUGH!  I LOVE THIS... but... both of our girls are small and most of the time don't even register on the growth charts, so I literally do not have this option.  When you are already supplementing their diet with healthy fatty foods just to bulk them up and the pediatrician is sending home pediasure with you... well, your kid not eating is definitely not an option.

So, I really have to get inventive.  Our girls make me feel like I'm losing my mind most days... one day they love one thing, the next it's as if they are insulted by the fact I'd even think they'd eat that. ha! And I also fully realize that after I share this with you, the next time I try to make it they will turn their noses up at it like I'm serving them dirt.  It's just the way motherhood works...

I recently figured out THE EASIEST and yet healthy dinner or lunch dish for our littlest.  She's OBSESSED with lasagna... OBSESSED!  But, have you made lasagna lately?!  It's definitely not the cheapest or the quickest meal to make.  And well, the oldest H hates lasagna.  She prefers spaghetti.  The youngest H hates spaghetti noodles.. like refuses to eat them if they are spaghetti (other shapes she loves... go figure)... again, making me feel crazy.  Ha.  One H loves mac and cheese, the other detests it.  I could go on and on.

So normally my goal is to make something that, even if I am making two versions of a meal, it will hopefully at least use the same kind of meat and maybe the same kind of sauce.  And it needs to be fast, yet healthy.  The less processed/boxed foods the better!

Enter the EASIEST lasagna ever! I joke that it's 'cheeseburger lasagna'.  If your kids like pizza, they *should* like this!... granted.  my oldest refuses to try it.

I usually start out by grabbing some hamburger out of the fridge (we eat red meat like no other!), and begin by making a few "mini-hamburgers" for big sister.  After those are done, I brown the meat and add our favorite organic, all natural spaghetti sauce.  While this is happening I boil a couple lasagna noodles and a few spaghetti noodles... yes in the same pot of water.  We also buy whole wheat and often times even the extra fiber pasta for the girls. I then grate whatever cheese we have on hand (usually cheddar).  Then I just grab a glass bowl and begin layering with the lasagna and meat and cheese.  After that, I pop it in the microwave for not even 30 seconds to let it all melt together.  Then you have two meals that took seriously less than 20 minutes... spaghetti and lasagna.  My little Italian food monsters love it and this mama isn't exhausted slaving away in the kitchen.  AND, clean up is minimal!  I snapped some pictures of the process at lunch time yesterday...

Grate some cheese...SO much cheaper to buy cheese
like this, vs. the bags.

Harper's mini hamburgers to go with her
spaghetti (she's usually low on iron, so she needs
all the red meat she can get!).

Our favorite (non-homemade) spaghetti sauce.

begin the layers...

continue to layer.

after it's all melted together.  My little lasagna monster
LOVES this! 

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