• b a l a n c e •

Every year we pick a word/vision for our year... as a family, as a couple, and as individuals. 

I've done this for years!  As I shared on my Instagram last week, I use to just pick a word that I wanted... but a few years back, when we lived in CA,  I started listening to what God was telling me for the seasons of my life.  Then about 4 years ago, a group of our friends all started choosing a word and sharing it as we celebrated the new year.  Well, life changes. 
And we didn't all get together this year... but, if you were in our home, this is what you would've heard leading up to the New Year...

"Rob, do you have a word?"  ... "No... do you?"... "No".  This went on and on.. . often as we were passing one another in the kitchen, or snuggling on the couch watching the girls play.  We weren't hearing anything. 

Let's back up.  Our word for 2017 was "One". You can read that post here. I truly thought that that word was centered more on parenting and just becoming better parents together.  But, as usual, God had a whole different vision in mind.  We went through some tough stuff with some really close friends and family this year.  And as a result, we did some major marriage tune ups.  We grew closer, protecting our marriage and learning how to communicate much MUCH better. 

So, on New Years Eve of 2017, we celebrated New York New Years with Rob's parents and his Grandpa and Dell, and then came home.  Hayden went to sleep super early at my inlaws, and then right to sleep again when we got home.  Harper was asleep within seconds of being in bed.  And then Rob and I sat and talked about our goals and vision for our family and for us for the year.  One word we both kept repeating over and over and OVER was B A L A N C E. 

As I told Rob, I feel like I'm really good at putting all my energy and focus on one thing, but then the other areas of my life suffer.  In example, one week I'll feel like I'm doing an amazing job at motherhood but then I stink at the wife gig, my walk with Christ, my ministry, etc.  then substitute anything in and out for the good and the suffering areas.  I desperately need to learn to be intentional in all the areas of my life and balance it all out.  I constantly feel as if I am not enough... but I am also reading a book about that with my dear friends and women's ministry team and it is SO good! And it's helping me realize that it's true... I will never be enough!  But I don't have to be!  God is more than enough for each of us and we have to let go of that expectation.  So here I am asking God to help me find my balance! 

I'm not sure exactly what that is going to look like, but a few things Rob and I have talked about:
  • putting down our phones
  • stepping away from social media more
  • sitting down to eat dinner together as much as we can (we actually are pretty good at this)
  • taking time to intentionally connect with Christ
  • continuing to serve at church when we can
and I'm sure we will continue to add tot his list.  I'm excited (and somewhat nervous since it's never what I expect) to see where God takes us this year! 

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