2018 so far & weekly letters...

to think, back even just 10 years ago!  2008 was the year Rob moved back to CA, we eventually started dating.  10 years ago ... it seems SO long ago!  We are definitely different people.  It's almost laughable.  But the beauty... we've changed along side each other. 

The weather so far this winter here in CO has been unreal.  We have yet to have a real snow storm!  In fact, most days we don't even need a coat and if we do... it's so far from where we are normally this time of year. 

I laugh because toward the end of the fall I packed up all the girls outside toys, sand toys and even wanted to haul their playhouse down to the basement.  Thank goodness Rob told me to hold off on the house.  Ha.  Because all the toys are now back outside.  The girls have been playing outside so much lately!  It makes me so excited for summer because they are both getting to the age they just go play and play so well! 

Not a whole lot new with us this year, so far.  We started the Whole 30 again this month!  We will just do it for about 3 weeks until we go on vacation.  And it's definitely cheater whole 30.  I'm still doing my lattes in the morning and I told Rob I HAD TO HAVE tortilla chips this time. ha!  So I'm still eating just a little sugar, dairy, and corn.  But one week in and I've already lost 5lbs!  Basically what I gained over the holidays, ha!  Dang you yumminess! 

Anyone else doing the whole 30?  I swear I thrive off of whole 30-ers instagrams when we do whole 30!  We have a few friends doing it with us again this time around... but seeing others ideas on what dinners they are making is so helpful!  Really, the hardest for me is breakfast!  Ever since I was pregnant with Hayden I cannot handle the smell of eggs cooking.  I can eat them if they have cheese or something else with them - omelet style.  So it really limits my breakfast options.  I have definitely eaten A LOT of bananas lately!  Basically bananas, fruit strips, and taco salad... oh and cashews!  That's what I live off of, ha! 

Weekly Letters for these cuties!...

 Oh my Hayden!  You are quite literally THE SWEETEST little girl EVER!! You have a temper like none other and oh my is are you ornery!  But your sweetness makes up for it all ♥  You started sleeping in your BIG GIRL bed this week!  You had been on a twin mattress for a while, but we saw you were ready to have it on the actual frame.  You look SO STINKING TINY in it!  It melts my heart! 
Your new obsession... doing whatever Harper does!  You LOVE your sister SO much!  I think she drives you a little insane because she doesn't understand personal space, but you put her in her place and then it's all good again!  You guys have been playing together non stop since the beginning of the year and it is SO CUTE!
Mommy loves you, Nugget!!! ♥

My sweet girl!  Harper... you are just THE coolest!  I could end it right there because that really does sum it up in one sentence.  You are so much more mature than your age, and you are so fun to hang out with! 
Your new thing lately is ballet!  You love putting on your "ballet dress and shoes" and telling google to play ballet music... and off you go!  Twirling and jumping and spinning!  Apparently we need to get you enrolled in a class! 
I cannot believe you are going to be 4 this month!  My tiny baby!  As I carried you up to bed the other night I asked you where my baby went... your response:  "I'll always be your baby mommy... even when I'm big!".  &&&& my heart melted!  I'm holding you to that, sweet girl! 
You are SUCH a good big sister!  Hayden loves you so much and looks up to you already!  Good work, sweetheart! 
Mommy loves you always!

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