• a 'lil September catch up •

Good grief.  I just looked and it has been July since I did an update.  I've really been wanting to get photos on here... and just keep it up to date, because well.. I don't print photos, I don't make photo books. ha.  this is pretty much it. 

So August!  ...


. f a l l bug .

It’s been such a long time since I actually wrote on this blog - meaning not just photos and memory keeping. 

But as I sit here, getting our youngest to sleep and daydreaming of fall,I thought what a great time to write some thoughts. 

It’s almost like clockwork. The Fourth of July is over and the fall bug ignites in my bones, in my blood. I blame it on the slightest hint of crisp air that begins to sneak in. It’s faint, but it’s there. It has me sleeping with the windows open and breathing just a little deeper to capture it. Now, logically I know here in CO we have at least two months of warm summer temps left - but Fall is coming!! 

As I sit here tonight thinking of when I fell in love with fall... I can trace it back to the smell of the leaves my grandmother would rake and I would jump in. The smell of her burning the leaves. The smells of her canning her summer harvest and stowing jars upon jars away in her damp, musty cellar. The laughter and joy that would over flow my Granny & Papaw’s home, as we would gather around their piano, singing old hymns. Giggin’ and the fish fry that always followed. The Friday night football games. The bonfires by the creek in high school. Hotdog roasts. The puzzles by a warm fire. Hayrides in darker than dark hay fields. The Fall street fair on our town square. Hot apple cider while curled up with an old quilt. 

It’s really no wonder I am in love with fall. The fall season for me growing up was picturesque. I might not have grown up in Stars Hollow - but I’m fairly certain it was the Ozarks equivalent. 

I often find myself ‘chasing fall’ here in Colorado. The higher the elevation, the sooner the leaves turn - so usually toward the end of September I begin begging Rob to drive me up the mountain!! Normally I am such a homebody - but I don’t want to miss a minute of it! Creating fall memories for our girls is also a big priority! We typically do a fall festival, pumpkin patch and leaf hunts. The last couple of years we have also had a day fully dedicated to fallness, i.e. carving pumpkins, hot cider, and a fall movie or activity. 
Fall. The smells. The feels. The memories. It’s incredibly breathtaking. 


the fourth at the broadmoor...

The Broadmoor has quickly become a place we like to celebrate family birthdays...

For the fourth, we took off and enjoyed the day with our local family, celebrating not only our Country's birthday but also Jack and Kathy's birthdays.

It was such a wonderful day!  Filled with fun for the kids, walks around the lake, quiet time listening to jazz and blue grass, swimming... and yummy food!

There was a little carnival that the girls LOVED!  Free snow cones, cotton candy, face painting/tattoos, bounce houses... games... you name it! 


• VBS •

Harper was able to go to VBS for the second year this year.
She had SO much fun!
What a blessing it was to sneak into the student chapel and hear so many kids praising our savior!  Goosebumps and tears a plenty!! Make sure and check out my instagram or facebook post video of them singing "I am who you say I am"... talk about emotional!


Photo Catch Up....

Summer has been so busy... and so fun! 
Here is a little photo dump to catch up a little...


• fishing derby •

On Saturday we headed up to the mountains for the annual fishing derby at Brian & Patti's cabin!

As I had blogged about before, Harper had been practicing her casting for at least a month!  
Our little firsher-girl ended up winning FIRST PLACE!!! 

& even though we had two car sick girls on the way, a mama with an awful head cold... it was still such a fun day!! 

Here are some photo's from the day! 


here comes summertime...

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind!  Kicking off summer... and aaahh... finally summertime!... yet we have yet to slow down.  I'm looking forward to that - to the week where we don't have something every night and the weekend that isn't packed!   

We have the little pool and our sprinkler going everyday... and most days the girls have 2 Popsicles, ha!

The thunderstorms have started (my absolute favorite!)... the parks and library are crowded since everyone is out of school...  It's a give and take, for sure!

We've had a few end of the year things for Harper... and just a few fun family things over the last couple of weeks.


more of what we've been up to...

Mary and I ♥
Visitors! some of our very favorite people came to visit!  Leigh and Mary came to visit for the weekend.  They are long time best friends of my inlaws, but they are so much more than that really...
Leigh married us and Mary... well, Mary is just so special to me!  She took me under her wing long ago through many bible studies, mentoring me, guiding me and praying over me!  I could go on and on and on... let's just say, they are a VERY important part of our story of us... we've sat on their couch crying, as a couple... they have prayed over us generously.  We just LOVE them!

While they were here we celebrated cinco de mayo, had the family over to our house on Sunday afternoon, then on Monday we all went on a hike to 7 falls.


Mothers Day!

Sunday Morning ♥
I try really hard not to have some outlandish expectation when it comes to mothers day... I don't want to really make it about the things or gifts, etc.

And this year wasn't any different!

a new kitten...

She's teeny.  She's mighty.  She's fierce.
Basically she fits right in with our girls ♥

Meet Princess Poppy!
Yes, you guessed it... named by the girls, ha!  I was rallying for "Boo"...but I as vetoed!



life just keeps flying by faster and faster. 
So, here's to documenting what I can... even if it's just mostly pictures ♥



My goodness.  This past month has been a huge emotional roller coaster... I will blog more on that at some point, maybe.  But for now, let's just say we are a very VERY thankful family!


h a y d e n is TWO!

This past weekend, our littlest turned two!  We had such a fun day, despite the time change sleepiness!  We woke up early, sang some happy birthday, us girls put on our tutus and we headed off to church.

Hayden was greeted like a celebrity... everyone wishing her a happy birthday.  It was so cute!  She wasn't quite sure what to think!

We headed home for some facetime with Grandma and PapPap, while they watched her open her presents from them.  Then, after nap time Ama, Ampa, Uncle Matt, Aunt Leah, Levi and Blakely came over.  It was such a fun evening!

Hayden had decided she wanted a minnie mouse birthday (she LOVES minnie!!).  We were all ready to order a special order minnie cake from the store when she saw the frozen cupcakes and decided she HAD TO HAVE olaf cupcakes.  What's a mommy and daddy to do, but shrug and go for the $7 cupcakes vs the $30 cake! haha.

Our girl is absolutely the best!  If you can't tell by these photos, she has the best personality!!


miss hayden • the last two years of my life

two years ago TODAY! 
Two years ago I sat, 38 weeks pregnant (thank you children, for never making me go past 38 weeks...both of you. Just thank you.  No wonder I LOVVVED being pregnant!)... anyway,  Huge belly (ok, let's be honest.  it felt huge.  but really.  I gained 18lbs.  come on two years ago self... come on.)...  so ready to meet our sweet sweet baby.

Even though she is our second (4th pregnancy), I still felt like I had no idea what to expect.  And oh boy was I right.  Everything was different about her.  About her labor, birth and everything.

But oh my. How foreshadowing it was that she was born with me laughing.  Literally.  As she was being born and directly after the room overflowed with joy.  Pure, blissful joy!

This little one. I never knew one small little person could bring me so much overwhelming joy.


a little glimpse...

Goodness!  Well, we had one of our girls turn four recently.  And we are preparing for the second birthday for the littlest!  I'm not sure where time is going.  We spent most of the end of January/beginning of February under the weather.  Harper and I got sick the week before we left for MO, then all three of us were sick while we were in MO, then Rob got sick right as we were getting home.  Then... Hayden got sick.  After a week of fever, I finally broke down and took her to the doctor thinking she must have an ear infection.  Wrong.  Influenza A.  And I kid you not, Harper started coughing right as we got to the doctor. Then the next day I was down for the count.  Hayden was sick for almost two weeks.  She was such a trooper!  Harper's bad days only lasted about 3 days, although she still has an annoying dry cough.  and I'm FINALLY starting to feel a bit better.  It was a long haul!  But...


o u r valentines day

Ridiculously huge arrangement.  It is seriously
like a tree of roses and lilies!  I joked that
this was most definitely an "I messed
up BIG time..." arrangement.  Thankful
my smart husband got it for less than half price
the day after Valentines! haha!! Smart man! ♥
We kicked off the Valentine's celebrations Tuesday... Harper had her party at preschool!  She was SO cute carrying home her little valentines bag full of love from her class.  SO.ADORABLE!


h a r p e r . turns FOUR!

Our sweet little Harper turned four the end of January!  We were so blessed to be able to celebrate her in Missouri as well as Colorado!


MO visit, vol 2... a few family photos...

While we were in MO, Kaitlin was so great to snap a few pictures of our family!  I'm obsessed with these photos! ... especially the ones of the girls! Take a look at a few... she seriously took so many AMAZING ones!  I want to get a couple of canvases, but I'm having the hardest time narrowing it down to two! lol.  SOOO many amazing shots!!! ♥

• winter MO visit •

Last week we spent the week in MO with my side of the family!  It was extra special because my sister and her family came up from Arkansas, my brother and his family came down from Michigan, and my nephew and his wife came down from Michigan. 


2 Meals in One... A mom of picky eaters

I can't be the only one with picky eaters... right?!  Our girls honestly come by it honestly.  Rob and I both can be a little picky!  I hear moms talk about cooking one thing for dinner and their kids eat it... and if they don't - TOUGH!  I LOVE THIS... but... both of our girls are small and most of the time don't even register on the growth charts, so I literally do not have this option.  When you are already supplementing their diet with healthy fatty foods just to bulk them up and the pediatrician is sending home pediasure with you... well, your kid not eating is definitely not an option.


2018 so far & weekly letters...

to think, back even just 10 years ago!  2008 was the year Rob moved back to CA, we eventually started dating.  10 years ago ... it seems SO long ago!  We are definitely different people.  It's almost laughable.  But the beauty... we've changed along side each other. 

The weather so far this winter here in CO has been unreal.  We have yet to have a real snow storm!  In fact, most days we don't even need a coat and if we do... it's so far from where we are normally this time of year. 

• b a l a n c e •

Every year we pick a word/vision for our year... as a family, as a couple, and as individuals. 

I've done this for years!  As I shared on my Instagram last week, I use to just pick a word that I wanted... but a few years back, when we lived in CA,  I started listening to what God was telling me for the seasons of my life.  Then about 4 years ago, a group of our friends all started choosing a word and sharing it as we celebrated the new year.  Well, life changes. 
And we didn't all get together this year... but, if you were in our home, this is what you would've heard leading up to the New Year...


our girls ♥

I recently read over some of my old blog posts from my wordpress blog and had forgotten I use to write Harper letters in blog form... often.  As I read over a few, I decided to try and pick it up, at least occasionally... writing letters to both of our girls.  And maybe even sometimes to Rob!

It's not really a New Year's resolution, but more of a goal for the New Year - to blog more.  Even if it just me keeping record of our memories - not necessarily for writing purposes.  But I'm also secretly hoping it will get my writing juices going again... I miss it! 

So here we go...