Fall Update

Once again, I find myself wondering where time is going!

Our girls are growing SO fast!  They have become quite the buddies and I'm LOVING IT!

Here we are, right in the middle of the holidays! And it's been awhile since we've done an update, so I thought it was about time before Christmas actually comes and then, well... so much will be left out!

I find myself blogging less and less.  And really, mostly, I'm ok with that.  Except the documented memories.  Especially for the girls.  I want to be able to show them all these memories some day.... especially since I've failed miserably at the whole scrapbook/baby book thing. 

This fall/early winter...

We celebrated our 7 years anniversary!  I blogged a bit about this already, but it was seriously such a fun getaway.  Rob and I laugh because Harper asks to go back to the mountains, seriously, almost everyday!  And we feel the same way!  Although we live in the rockies... there is something about actually being IN the mountains!

Harper got her ears pierced! And I can't believe it was over 8 weeks ago!  It is past time for her to change her earrings, but I think she's a little scared.  So we aren't pushing it.  Whenever she's ready. 

We've spent a lot of time together as a family! If you normally read this blog, you know that our word for the year was "one"... and man.  I had no idea where that would take us, and as usual, it wasn't really quite what we had expected.  God has really drawn us closer together this year.  We are out of the baby makin' years, and have now entered the raise 'em up years... and being a united front has really come in handy!  God has really worked at our hearts and has brought us closer together.  I wasn't sure it was possible to feel closer to Rob...but it was!  We've have grown closer walking with different friends, through some really hard things.  God has truly used it for good in our marriage.  And I'm so thankful. 

I think as parents we tend to focus A LOT on the kids and somewhere along the way you loo up and realize you aren't quite as connected with your spouse as maybe you once were.  And well... we just finished our 7th year of marriage, and we are determined to not let that '7 year itch' cliché apply to us.

We have enjoyed a lot of family time together, and I think the girls have as well.  One of Harper's favorite things to say is, "Can we_______(fill in the blank) as a FAMILY!".  It's her favorite.  and it is ours as well!

Harper started preschool and rainbows!
I have blogged about this a little already, but I think she is enjoying have more structure in her day to day schedule vs. just staying home with mommy all the time.  So she goes to preschool 2 times a week and then started the preschool club at church on Wednesday nights.  Little vest and all.  It's SO cute! 

Getting more involved. We love our church!  We are finally in a season where we don't have 100% tunnel vision on our girls (maybe like 80 now haha).  And we are finally getting more involved.  Rob has been going to a men's study and playing soccer every week with the guys.  I've been going to a women's study and was recently asked to serve on the women's leadership.  It has been SO good for our hearts and souls and even for our marriage!  Plus.  I get to hang out even more with seriously my FAVORITE ladies!  They are authentic, genuine and just my people. 

Leaf Hunt... Harper and I started a tradition when she was tiny to go on leaf hunts in the fall.  It was so fun to have both girls super into it this year! 

Reading Chapter books. Harper is obsessed with chapter books.  My parents sent her a HUGE box filled with tons of books I had growing up.  We read a chapter or so a night before bed.  This is the kid that can't sit still for a 30 minute cartoon, but she will sit and let you read and read and read to her.  And she is really listening and processing it.  She can recall the story line (and I often hear her recalling it as she pretends to read her books to her dolls/animals).  It is SO fun! 

Harvest Fest. We went to the harvest fest as a family!  It is such a fun tradition.  Kathy and I have been going every year since Harper was tiny.  Harper made a rope again this year.  And we normally pick out a pumpkin or two, but it was SO crazy this year... they ran out!  In fact, as we were leaving we had waited and waited to get out of the parking lot forever.  like FOREVER.  finally Kathy and I looked at one another, both looked at a grassy field, with a steep embankment that went straight to the road... I locked in to 4 wheel drive and away we went. haha.  It was a really funny and fun memory I don't want to forget! We seriously would've been there for HOURS!  Thank you four wheel drive!

Later that weekend, we went to Costco and got HUGE pumpkins to carve.  We made hot cider, carved pumpkins and even made a gingerbread haunted house!  SO FUN!

Halloween! oh my.  what fun we had this year!  It was full blown winter here (it literally snowed.  A lot! But ironically hasn't since).  Harper had her preschool Halloween party.  We got up early, braved the snow and slick roads and went to ihop for scary faced pancakes, went on to her party and then home for naps, but stopped for jack-o-lantern pizza first!  After naps, we headed to our realtors office (the whole huge office hands out candy.  There's two floors of offices.  It's awesome.  and Perfect for the girls).  Came back home, rested and then headed out for the trunk or treat at our church.  It was an EXHAUSTING day.  I was pretty done by like 3 haha, but the girls had a blast! 

First sleep over at our house... Harper hosted her cousins for her very first sleep over at her house.  They had SO much fun!

Packed an operation Christmas Child Box! This a tradition we started even before Harper was born.  And I love it.  We recently adopted a new tradition within this though, that Harper chooses one of her toys (of course like new and barely used...) to put in the box.  So she is actually GIVING something.  It seems to have really helped her grasp the purpose and meaning.  This year she chose a small stuffed animal AND a book that just happened to go along with it.  I was so proud of her that she chose two items to give away. 

Sold the rest of our baby stuff. We had slowly but surely been getting rid of all of our baby items.  The last to go - the carseats, bases, and stroller.  This was the hardest for me yet.  We had used them for both girls.  brought our girls home from the hospital in them.  It tugged at my heart.  A LOT.  But the fact that I was really able (and also somewhat glad) to let them go, verified for me that yes, we are complete.  we are done.  (although Harper says God told her yes to two more babies... oh goodness.)

Playing Cards with Ampa! You can tell by how
white and washed out she looks...
she didn't feel well :(
Thanksgiving... It's so hard for me to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone!  The whole week of Thanksgiving was seriously a blur for us.  Hayden was pretty sick.  She felt awful ...but it was the weirdest thing, no real symptoms minus a super high fever.  Thanksgiving night it was over 104 and I was pretty anxious! 
But, we were still able to eat a meal together as a family at Rob's parents home.  I was SO thankful for that!  I wasn't sure we'd be able to even leave the house. 

Decorated for Christmas (of course!)... have I mentioned I love my husband?  For him it wasn't a matter of *if* we were decorating before Thanksgiving, but more of when we were.  haha!  We pulled everything out the week before Thanksgiving and got it all put in it's spot.  We typically decorate before then, but we were getting new flooring and well... what a mess that would've been to have to move a tree, etc.  so we waited! 

Christmas Shopping! We actually started our shopping in October.  Target was having an amazing sale and we *thought* we had finished the girls shopping.  Ha.  yeah right.  But, we did get a bulk of it done that evening.  I think we are pretty much done.  Maybe a few small items here and there, but we are basically finished and most of it is wrapped and under the tree.  I'm so thankful!

Hosted a Lularoe Popup. In November I hosted a lularoe popup for my sweet cousin!  It was so fun!  And Harper got a pair of leggings, I got a free pair AND a super cute top!  It was SO worth it!  I don't wear leggings a whole lot, but man, they are so comfy.  I wear them a lot around the house or out running errands. 

Gettin' my hair done... in case you don't know me in real life, I am about as low maintenance as it comes.  Especially as far as hair and makeup goes.  I get my hair cut *maybe* once a year or so typically.  But recently I'd really been wanting to freshen my look up a little.  When Rob asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I mentioned I'd really like to start getting my hair done... Like really done.  And although I know that is really not a one time gift... he was totally on board.  So recently I went to my amazing stylist and I just LOVE it!  I went with a deep chocolate base and also have some pretty caramel/copper balayage.  And I have to say, sitting and sipping some starbucks, getting pampered while hanging out with a favorite person... well, that in itself was a treat!  I'm so glad I made the leap. 

Light Walk...Every year we go on a light walk to look at all the amazing Christmas lights!

Advent... Every year we celebrate advent season, every Sunday with our family! And the kids love doing fun activities every Sunday!  We kicked it off with gingerbread houses (tip.  buy them at costco... they're already put together.  it will save your mom sanity!!!! LOL!)

 719 Rocks! Harper is basically THE BEST at finding rocks!  Although, this one was secretly yet intentionally left for her by one of my dear friends at church ;) ssshhh, she doesn't know that ha!

 Coffee Dates with my girl! Sometimes she and I sneak off and grab some starbucks together.  It's a special time.  This specific day, she said..."Mommy I love being JUST like YOU!  I know this is hot chocolate, but can we call it coffee?"  My heart melted into a puddle!

 And now, we are smack dab in the middle of my birthday month (ok, yes I share it with Jesus haha.  So really it is just a couple of birthday weeks...).  I'm SO looking forward to this evening and tomorrow and tomorrow evening!  Lots of FUN planned!  I'll make sure and write on that... you know, probably in like January, ha! 

Have a fabulous Christmas ♥

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