Christmas part 1

Christmas was so low key this year.  We spent a lot of time at our own home as a family of four... just enjoying time together.

A few days before Christmas my in laws came down with the awful influenza that is going around.  It has completely wiped them out... Rob's grandpa was even hospitalized for it!  Needless to say, we didn't do our typical family Christmas dinner at my in laws as we normally do.  ... so that is the reason this is titled "part 1"... we will celebrate Christmas with them on New Years Eve!

Our holiday started off on Sunday, as we celebrated Christmas Eve at our church.  With all the sickness going around, we dropped the girls off at my brother in laws for a few hours and headed to church.  We were serving before the first service, so we just didn't want the girls to have to be there that long and also exposed to who knows what germs.  This flu seems to come on fast!  Like within 24 hours... so we did NOT want sick kids for Christmas this year (again!)!  So we enjoyed a wonderful and magical Christmas Eve service, then grabbed the girls and headed home for naps... then we got dressed up again for pictures by the tree (well... the girls did.  Let's be honest... I was in my Christmas PJ's already, ha!).  Since they didn't get to wear their dresses to church, I told Harper she could put hers on for pictures and opening a couple of presents.

They opened their sister presents (the presents they had picked out for one another), their new Christmas PJ's (which apparently Hayden decided to grow out of 12 month clothes overnight... literally!), and a family present from me to the three of them (a snoopy snow cone machine).
They played with the snow cone machine, we read a Christmas story and focused on the real reason we are celebrating, and then an early bed time!... Then Rob and I had toys to put together and stockings to fill!  But it was so fun doing it all together after they went to bed! 

Of course I got a Starbucks Christmas mug early!

Christmas PJ's (notice how short Haydens are... oh my!).

The tree the night before Christmas, after the girls went to bed.

The next morning Hayden woke up around 6:30 and we had to wake up Harper.  They were SO excited!  The first thing Hayden said when I went to get her out of her room... "Merrryyyyy Chistmasssss!"... (no R on purpose, ha!).  Then it was time for stockings.  They opened their stockings, along with Rob and I and the cats.  Then we went downstairs... they unwrapped their big presents and played with those while I fixed breakfast.  Then we ate breakfast and then continued opening presents.  The pace was so slow.  The girls were able to play with their toys before opening the next ones.  It was ideal!  They of course got more toys than they knew/know what to do with... and Rob spoiled me.  It was truly a special time! 

Then it was time for FaceTime with Grandma and PapPap!  So thankful for technology! 

Hayden's present from Grandma and Pap!

Mommy's present from them... Hayden had
to be in the picture too!  New lularoe (my mom was
sneaky and scored me a solid black top!).

So then then girls wanted to send pictures to Grandma
and Pap too... ha!

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