Having a December birthday is SO much fun!  Since Christmas is my favorite time of year, it makes it so enjoyable!

The last couple of years for my birthday, the plan has been to go out to eat and head down to the broadmoor to look at the beautiful lights and decorations.  Well.  The last two years it has been full on blizzard!  So plans have gotten cancelled.

Well.  THIS YEAR... it was in the 60s and GORGEOUS!

My mother in law had asked me a few months ago if I would want to do the boradmoor for my birthday and also do family pictures.  To which my answer was, YES!!!

And then a couple of weeks before my birthday, my husband started asking me questions about 'surprises' and him debating on whether he should tell me, etc...

If you know me at all, you know I DO NOT like surprises.  Ok, like hey, here's a small gift surprise... that kind... I love!  But big surprises... NO!
So he starts talking, and he starts saying things, and I'm totally thinking he's planning a surprise party... ok NO! just no!  haha.  So I told him I'd really like to know.  He responded with, yeah, I think you'll need to know to enjoy it!  ...

So the surprise was that his parents were going to watch the girls for the night and we were staying at the Broadmore!  I was SO excited!
The whole family singing "Happy Birthday" to me... I'm so very blessed!

So flash forward to my actual birthday.  The day was nuts.  Church, naps, getting ready for pictures... all to make it to the Broadmore by early afternoon.  I was stressed!  Then instead of going out to dinner, Rob said his mom was just going to bring appetizer type snacks and we'd all eat in the hotel room after pictures.  Which normally I am ALL about that... but here I am picturing 8 adults and 4 children in a basic hotel room, eating.  But, I was still so excited to stay at the broadmoor, so even though I'm sure my eye twitched a little (ha!), I just rolled with it.  We get to the broadmoor and my father in law meets us at Valet... and tells us we need to get on the shuttle (which I thought was odd... but ok), he then tells the driver we are staying in the Gaylord, (again, I'm thinking, ok.. hmm... maybe that is another tower of the hotel I'm not aware of..).  THEN, we pull up to the Gaylord.  A HUGE cottage.  I was blown away!  We walked in and there are not words to describe how nice this cottage was!  The whole family is there... we are all laughing and looking around in amazement!  Then the doorbell rings to the front door (yes, there was a door bell and several entrances)... and it is a hotel employee with a tray, with champagne and chocolates and nuts (from Rob's sweet Grandma).  You guys... it was UNBELIEVABLE!

Then arrived my sweet friend, Autumn, to take our family photos!  After photos we all hung out and laughed and just had the best evening.  Then the whole family took off and it was just Rob and I!  We threw our coats on and headed out to walk around the lake and look at the lights.  It was a gorgeous, perfect day and evening.  The next morning we woke up and walked around the lake again and headed to breakfast, came back and rested and took it easy and then Rob was able to play golf.  It was just the most perfect birthday!  I keep teasing them that I'm not sure how they are going to top that next year, ha!

Enjoy some pictures from the weekend....
Champagne Deliver ♥

One of the three bathrooms in our cottage ♥

One of the two bedrooms... that window seat had me swooning!

Chocolates form the hotel!

Oh my girl!

My little stinker!


Love this place!

Wrapped up the evening like this... followed by a bath in that
amazing bathtub!!... and this is also the point that Rob
looked at me and smiled and laughed a bit... I asked him why...
he said, "because you look like you belong here..." Well, duh ;)


Golf in December!  Where do we live, again?!

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