Christmas part 1

Christmas was so low key this year.  We spent a lot of time at our own home as a family of four... just enjoying time together.

A few days before Christmas my in laws came down with the awful influenza that is going around.  It has completely wiped them out... Rob's grandpa was even hospitalized for it!  Needless to say, we didn't do our typical family Christmas dinner at my in laws as we normally do.  ... so that is the reason this is titled "part 1"... we will celebrate Christmas with them on New Years Eve!

. f a m i l y p i c t u r e s .

As I blogged about earlier... I had an amazing birthday!... which also included Family Photos by my sweet, very talented, friend, Autumn!

Take a little look at a few....


Having a December birthday is SO much fun!  Since Christmas is my favorite time of year, it makes it so enjoyable!

The last couple of years for my birthday, the plan has been to go out to eat and head down to the broadmoor to look at the beautiful lights and decorations.  Well.  The last two years it has been full on blizzard!  So plans have gotten cancelled.

Well.  THIS YEAR... it was in the 60s and GORGEOUS!


Fall Update

Once again, I find myself wondering where time is going!

Our girls are growing SO fast!  They have become quite the buddies and I'm LOVING IT!

Here we are, right in the middle of the holidays! And it's been awhile since we've done an update, so I thought it was about time before Christmas actually comes and then, well... so much will be left out!

I find myself blogging less and less.  And really, mostly, I'm ok with that.  Except the documented memories.  Especially for the girls.  I want to be able to show them all these memories some day.... especially since I've failed miserably at the whole scrapbook/baby book thing. 

This fall/early winter...