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oh, our sweet lilly bug.

Tuesday night as Harper went to bed she prayed that God would take Lilly to heaven.
About two hours after that sweet, heartfelt prayer, God did just that!

Our sweet Lilly hadn't eaten since Friday.  She was week.  Her breathing was sporadic.  She was coughing.  We knew the end was near... but we were talking about making the decision to put her to sleep.

I sat beside her on Tuesday, stroking her nose - right between her eyes, her favorite, telling her it was ok.  Telling her what an amazing dog she was.  And again telling her it was ok... that I was so sorry!  Tears were pouring from my eyes.  Not the kind that trickle down your face... these were literally hitting the ground with a splat.  It was so hard to see her in pain.

It all began a few months back.  She hurt her leg and her health began to decline.  I really don't think her leg had anything to do with her passing... but it was the beginning of the end.  We really think she must of had heart failure and had fluid on her lungs or a tumor of some kind, with the way she was coughing.  It was pitiful.

I am so thankful that God heard our prayers and took our sweet girl to be with Him, where she no longer will have any pain.

But when someone (or some dog) is such a huge part of your life for so many years, it leaves a giant sized hole!  My heart aches! 

She was such a huge part of our everyday life!  From us, to our girls, to our whole family.  She was a part of us!

To our girls, she was "illllyyyyy!!!"

 It was one of their first words... for both girls.  To both girls, all dogs were "illyyy!" for quite some time!  Hayden will still call most dogs Lilly.  Harper even named her build a bear dog Lilly.

Lilly was ours when we were just dating... I can still remember Rob being SO excited for me to meet her when he was thinking of keeping her.  She stole my heart immediately.  From that moment on she spent most nights with me at my house... then I would drop her off to Rob at his work.  We were inseparable, the three of us!  She was such a great dog!  When we started the dog rescue, she would welcome each dog and would help us love on them, and teach them. 

Lilly was at our wedding reception.  She went on our honeymoon with us.  Lilly helped announce Harper's arrival.  She sat right by my side as I powered through contractions with both girls.  She was indeed mans & girls best friend.

She will be SO greatly missed!

In the words of my so very smart daughter, Harper... as we were talking about how much we miss her and how sad we are... she looked right at me and said, "but mom.  she will always be in our hearts!".  After I stopped crying (lol) I asked her who taught her that... and she said no one, she thought of that all on her own!  So proud of her!  It's so hard to believe our sweet Lilly is gone... and also, as Harper says... "maybe we can just pretend she is at Ama & Ampa's and then we won't miss her so much..."

But she's right!  We have SO SO SOOO many memories of our sweet Lilly and she will indeed, always be in our hearts! 

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