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recently a friend shared with me how she had been in a season of feeling left out.  uninvited. unwanted.  not enough.

it hit me like a slap in the face.  our women's leadership team has been reading the book "nothing to prove" by Jennie Allen, and this is basically what the book is about. 

don't we all go through those seasons? ...

but man. when you're in that season the enemy has a way of making you feel like you are the only one that has ever felt that way.  it's that day that you will more than likely scroll through social media and see every other female that you follow with her group of friends, connecting and having time together.  and there you sit.  and satan begins to whisper.  whisper lies.  lies that find their way right into your heart.

the enemy is crafty. but let me tell you something... he is repetitive.  he doesn't switch it up too often.  i'm sure these lies go back as far as we could even imagine.

the need to measure up.  the need to be accepted.  the need to be enough.  it's like grasping for a life line while stuck in a pit of quicksand.

and do you know why?  because we are not enough.  no one is.

we are all cranky moms.   we are all nagging wives.  we all would rather stay home in our sweats most days.  we all have messy homes, as hard as we try to keep them tidy (kids. am i right?!).

He is enough so we don't have to be.  

but that comparison game.  it gets us.  i have come to find that it might not be such a new trick of the enemy, but social media sure has added to his arsenal.

so let me back up a bit.  as my friend shared with me and a few more friends... she went on to say that one of our friends had invited her somewhere, and the words she used truly soaked into her heart.  the words "i want you to come... "

at the end of the day, isn't that all we all want.  to be wanted?

it was a challenge to me to be more intentional with how i speak to my friends.  to be more intentional to be the inviter.  to just be more intentional.  instead of wallowing in my own left out season, i need to put myself out there and be intentional.  because, who's to say that the person sitting next to you isn't also going through a left out season.  they just might need YOU!  this doesn't come naturally to me.  at all.  but i really feel God leading me in this direction, so i know with His help i will make it happen! 

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