Hello September!... a look back at August.

It's been awhile since I've done a "what we've been up to" post!  

I am INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for my little family and our day to day life together!

August was so good to us!  We celebrated my husband's birthday.  My parents came to visit for a week.  We did our first round of whole 30! And so much more....

Lately we have been....

In July we joined our local YMCA!  There are quite a few in town that we can choose from!  Lots of classes, lots of options!  And the gyms are so nice... and the pools are pretty cool!  AND!  You get two hours of childcare!  TWO GLORIOUS HOURS! haha.  The other day I literally took a book and sat on a stationary bike... read and biked.  Relaxed!  Had adult time and I suppose I burned a few calories while I was at it.  It wasn't a vigorous work out by any means, but I got some time for me... some time to read a good book and breathe!  And the girls love the childcare!  On a busy day, Harper is in a preschool room with different centers set up at all the tables in the class room to choose from!  She thinks it is SO cool! 
Rob and I keep joking that we are going to just take the girls to child care and just have a date night at the Y... jacuzzi, coffee... I mean, it does sound pretty amazing! But we've yet to do it! 

Decorating for Fall!  
Yep.  I mean, if you know me - even a little bit - that can't be a surprise to you!  We broke out the tubs of fall decor out of the basement like two weeks ago!  The part that was so great... Harper was even more excited for it than I was!  
I am SO ready for fall!  The mornings and evenings are beginning to cool down, you can almost feel a crispness in the air.. which means, it's not too far away!
There was a little snow on Pikes Peak this week, so I'm hoping that we don't skip fall!  

Researching Photography!
For as long as I can remember I have LOVED taking pictures.  I'm that annoying person always taking photos!
Last winter Rob had researched and found me this random cell phone that no one else had heard of... but the reason he got it for me?!  It has an AMAZING camera on it!  
So lately I've been reading tutorials, and trying to learn a bit about lighting and editing.  Just basic stuff.  Maybe one day I'll get a real camera... but for now my phone takes pretty amazing photos!  I'm still trying to get a "look" figured out as far as editing goes... soft and whispy, or dark and detailed...  

Look at these pics I got of Harper (and kind of Hayden) a week or so ago!... I've ordered a few supplies and hope to snap some good ones of our family, life style photos of Rob and I... and just document some of my favorite things with our family!

She was NOT having it!
Wednesday Nights! Our church activities started back on Wednesday nights!  Harper LOVES it!  She get's to go to her little preschool class called 'Rainbows', and Hayden goes to the nursery which is great for her socialization!  Rob has been going to the men's bible study and I have been attending the adult bible study.  Just getting back in the swing of things feels so good!  I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!

Gettin' some sleep! Ok, well... kind of.  This week both girls are sick, so not much sleep has been happening THIS week, but over all...
each of our littles are in their OWN rooms!  That's right!  Harper - in her room.  Hayden - in her room!  No co-sleeping!! No night nursing!  yikes!  Well.  Harper sneaks in to our room usually at some point in the night, and well, if Hayden wakes up Rob goes and crawls into bed with her.. but this is SO far from where we use to be!  I literally thought Hayden might be in our bed forever!  Not to mention the nursing!  We've tapered nursing to wake up time in the morning and as part of her bedtime routine.  Honestly - if anyone had told me I would still be nursing my kid at 18 months I would've laughed in their face!

But anyway, we moved Harper's twin bed into Hayden's room and then Harper got a queen bed.  They're both loving their big girl beds ♥

Starting Preschool! This week Harper got to meet her teacher and see her classroom - her cubbie, etc!  She starts school on Tuesday!!! I'm so excited for her!  And I'm excited to have some one on one time with Hayden to start some tot school ideas.

Fighting a bug...As mentioned, both girls have been sick this week.  We have actually stayed super healthy this summer!  It's been impressive haha.  But Rob woke me up early Tuesday morning because Hayden was burning up!! 103 burning up!  Her fever has dwindled and has left some lovely croopy/congestion behind, where as big sister's fever just started up!  I'm PRAYING she will be over this for her first day of school!  Maybe say a prayer for her!

Mommy time! I am blessed to get a lot of time with my girls... however, I don't get a lot of one on one time with each of them.  But this past weekend Harper and I went on an Ice Cream date and then to the dollar store where we found a whole case of shopkins.. AT THE DOLLAR TREE!  Needless to say we bought them all. lol.

Anticipating Fall! It's official!  I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte on Wednesday.  The mornings and evenings are getting cooler.  Fall is in the air.  I am sooo ready!  I'm way over all my summer clothes and so ready to start wearing sweaters and scarves and boots (although I've totally been wearing my all booties all month ... I figure, they aren't REALLY boots... right? right??!!!).  I have a super cute blanket scarf just staring at me in my closet... just begging me to wear it.  haha.
The broncos played last night and it just REALLY needs to be fall weather out  now, please!  A pot of chili, a nice crisp breeze, and some boots and a scarf... sigh.

Here's to Autumn Dreaming!  ... find me over on tumblr to see me legit dreaming of autumn!

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