• harper grace, preK-3 •

I remembered the night before that I hadn't bought a
chalkboard to use for her first day of school sign.... so
a black piece of construction paper and crayons did the trick!

Just a little excited!

Showing off her sequin-girly star wars backpack!

Sister wanted in a picture with her ♥

We are so blessed that Rob has a job that not only provides for us, but allows
him to not miss the important things...

Daddy and his girls!

Her cubby!

of course we got ice cream after!

This!  You guys!   I drew a heart on each of our hands,
including baby sister's... so Harper could look at her heart
and know that we were thinking of her while she was at
school.  THEN.  THIS!  This was their lesson/project!  Now,
how cool is that?!

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