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So for quite some time, Harper has wanted to get her ears pierced. 
Earlier in the month we were at the mall and she thought she wanted to do it then... thankfully, there was another little girl getting her ears pierced so we made her watch.  She chickened out. 

But this past weekend... we were back at the mall and again she said she wanted to get her ears pierced.  So there we were.  We picked out her earrings.  She was so nervous!  She insisted that I hold her hand, which I adored!

She was so brave.  The first one pierced.  Then she FREAKED out!  She didn't want to get the second ear done.  But, again, so brave... wiped away her tears and just did it!

Later on we were talking through it (over yummy food and ice cream at steak and shake of course!), and we mentioned how brave she was!  She said, "oh, I wasn't so brave...".  I stopped her right there!  I said, "Harper, do you know what it means to be brave?"  to which she responded, "no."

I then went on to say, "being brave means you are scared and don't want to do something, but do it anyway."  She got a big smile on her face and said, "I AMMM brave!!!"

So not only did our beautiful girl get some cute little earrings that look ABSOLUTELY adorable on her, but she also began learning a very valuable life lesson!

We were and are still SO proud of her! 

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