anniversary getaway

we debated for so long on what to do for our anniversary weekend this year!

go away? stay local? kids? no kids? ....

I just kept saying I wanted to go somewhere cooler with pretty trees, and really wanted to spend time with the girls as well as my husband! 

So, Rob made that happen!  And we had SO much fun!

We headed up to the mountains past Denver to Winter Park! We stopped in Denver along the way.

& Hayden waited to display her car sickness until we arrived, so I guess that's a bonus!  yeah.  we are discovering we have a motion sensitive little one on our hands.  This is round 3 or 4 of car sickness.  joy.

But anyway...

The fall colors were glorious.  The view was amazing!  And we had just the best time together!  The girls were super well behaved... we really couldn't have asked for more!  We enjoyed our time in Winter Park and then headed back, stopping a long the way for breakfast at Idaho Springs and then Lunch (& shopping) at Ikea in Denver! 

The pizza place in the village gave Harper some dough to play with!

The pizza and bread were so yummy!

And even after getting sick... this little pizza monster ate two slices haha

Just playing a little chess in the rain.

View from one side of our hotel

And another...

And another...

Love him!

They have very large games all over the village connect four, chess, checkers, etc

Gosh.  They are my world!


Harper wanted a kiss from daddy too!!!!

Well, then as you could guess, so did little sister!

Stopping in Idaho Springs!

Idaho Springs

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