• 7 y e a r s •

&just like that.

a few homes, a couple states, two pregnancy losses, & two precious girls later... here we are, getting ready to celebrate 7 years as husband and wife!  in just four short days, we will celebrate our anniversary!

there are so many marriage cliches that I could fill this page with...
but when it comes right down to it, really it can be summed up in just two sentences:

I married my best friend, a man of exceptional integrity, a man who leads our family well and loves our family even better!  Some days are hard, but they hold precious memories just like the easy ones do.

These past 9 years by your side, Robert, have been just the best!  I am thankful that God chose for us to walk this crazy adventure of life and parenthood together!  I consider myself so extremely blessed to be your wife! 

A little look at our journey: 

the beginning.  over 9 years ago. 
Colorado.  2009.  Little did we know we would move here and raise our family here. 
the beginning of us.  9.18.10
& just like that we became a family of 3.

Then just like that, a family of 4!

And this.  This I wouldn't trade for all the world! 

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