• w h o l e 30 • week two

Here we are... almost half way through our whole 30 journey!

I have to say, it is getting easier!  I woke up yesterday feeling fantastic (and super skinny!).
I walked into my inlaws house yesterday morning to drop off our girls and even my mother in law said, "YOU LOOK SO SKINNY!" You.Guys!!! I no longer have any muffin top! haha! I'm down about 6lbs (I'm sooo close to the weight I was at - not only prekids but at our wedding.. I mean.. YOU GUYS!!) and Rob is down at least 8lbs (I haven't asked in the last day or so). I know, I know, you aren't suppose to weigh yourself on whole30... but when you're shrinking before your own eyes, you get curious! Thankfully we don't own a scale, so I can't get too obsessed. 

Psychologically - we are still reaching for a few snacks such as cashews or almonds through the day.  I've discovered bananas really kick a sugar craving.  However, I will admit... I've literally dreamed about pizza... literally. 

Physically - Rob's chronic sinus issues have been SO much better!  My constant underlying nausea is gone!

So it is getting more and more obvious to us that there is definitely something in our old way of eating that was affecting us physically.  I think there was a part of me that was hoping there wasn't and that we could go back to indulging in all the junk, ha!

So now I've started looking for recipes to try for post Whole 30.

We will attempt to reintroduce things as suggested by Whole 30, so we can see what might be affecting us.

My hope is that we can at least introduce butter.. haha!  And the occasionally rare dr pepper LOL. And my lattes... well, I haven't missed them as much as I thought I would!  Gasp! 

We both think that a gf life style would be fairly simple at this point.  So we would be completely comfortable with that.  The corn.. now corn is a bit harder.  Not because of corn itself, but you guys... THE TACOS!  THE NACHOS!  We have definitely missed them!

Friends - changing the way you think about food is HARD!  But I can feel it happening!  The first few days were simply awful!  Now I'm feeling clearer and stronger and confident that we can do this!

The kicker is going to be this coming week as my parents are coming into town and we love going out to eat with them!  But... we have talked about it and we won't be super strict with ourselves, but we will stick to restaurant options that are healthier (meant, veggies as a side, salad, etc... ) but not stress whether the steak is grilled in butter.  We will relax and enjoy our meals, but still make healthy choices.  And really - that's what life will probably look like for us a majority of the time post whole30 anyway!  So those strict Whole30 people would probably be freaking out right now, saying we would need to start over if we ate a steak grilled in butter... but you guys.  Just the fact that we are so committed to making healthy choices even at restaurants - basically we've already completed our whole 30 goal right there!  I won't be consuming a whole basket of rolls at texas roadhouse haha.  Now that in itself is progress! 

There have been times I've felt discouraged and wondered why we are doing this.  I'm SO thankful Rob is doing this with me.  He balances me out in life in general, and this is no different.
I've also found some great tips on instagram and pinterest... and some great quotes for when I'm feeling discouraged.  Here are a few of my favorites:

This is so helpful to remember!
This seemed so laughable to me at first... but it's becoming
true!  Minus tacos.  I still crave tacos!
 People continue to ask me... ok so you can't have gluten, grains, dairy, added sugar, processed food, alcohol, etc... Sooooo what do you eat?!

A typical day looks like this:

Breakfast:  Banana and Grapes, along with an egg or potatoes (I'm seriously over scrambled eggs at this point, so its typically fruit for breakfast)

Lunch:  A bowl FULL of spinach, boiled egg, olives, a meat (usually shredded chicken or a hamburger patty crumbled), and the very YUMMY tessamae's avacado ranch dressing (which I'm seriously obsessed with)!

Dinner:  This varies between any kind of meat with salad, potatoes, and another veggie

Snacks:  Cashews or Fruit

Drink:  Water, Ice Tea and Hot Tea (all unsweetened of course), and Coffee (black)

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