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So, Harper has been asking for a kitten for quite some time.  We have a cat... but ... he is 16+ years old.  No longer cares for himself.  He literally has dreads if we don't brush him everyday.  He is so pitiful, it breaks my heart.  To say he's in his last months would be pretty accurate... although, Rob swears he's going to live forever... haha!  This cat has been through liver failure and heart failure.  And has surpassed his estimated survival by 6 years.  He's quite the cat.  But all that to say... he's rather stinky and just not the cat I want my girls loving on ... and I am constantly afraid they are going to break his brittle bones laying on him, crawling over him, etc.

So all this to say, we had seriously been considering adding a kitten in the mix.  Rob and I had an idea of the type of kitten we were looking for.  We love the ragdoll cats (maine coons).  And we both are OBSESSED with grey cats!  So a grey rag-doll kitten was our ideal!  I found one at the shelter! So on Sunday after church we decided we were going to go "look"... that's all!  HA!  Come on.  I use to be in dog rescue.  There is no just looking for me.  I mean it's a miracle in itself that we came home with just one cat (and to be honest, it broke my heart to not bring more home).

We walked in and I saw her.  THE CAT I wanted!  It wasn't the grey ragdoll kitten.  It was a siamese/maine coon mix!  I gasped!  "THATS HER!!!"  Rob knew that look! He grabbed a volunteer and we waited in the visiting room as they brought her in.  Her name was chocolate chip.  She was SO.CUTE!   But.  WHAT.A.DIVA!!!.  I mean, you guys, she was 4 months old.  A teeny tiny little thing.  But she didn't want to be held, she didn't respond to the girls.  She was a total diva!  I looked at Rob, and he said there's one more I want to see. 

They brought in Rob's pick.  She came out of the carrier purring.  She walked right over to us and rubbed on us and let the girls love on her and let Hayden wrap her little arms around her neck and give her the biggest hug ever!  Again.  I looked at Rob.  We both knew.  This was the exact personality we were looking for!  She was nothing like we had dreamed up looks wise.  She is a black and brownish-grey striped tabby.  Short hair.  7 months old so not a teeny kitten.  But oh my 'lanta!  Was she sweet!

We had ten minutes to decide.  We sat out in the chairs and talked to Harper about the responsibility of a kitten.  But really.  It was a done deal!

She had to have her little snip-snip, and then we picked her up!

She has been a dream!  On our questionnaire about what type of personality we were looking for I had marked playful, calm, tolerant, & lovable.  I laughed because was it possible to find a playful AND a calm kitten?  Apparently so!  She's the perfect combo!

Harper has named her Maui!  For months she had said she would name "her kitten" either "chickety china" or "Maui"... I'm rather thankful she went with maui!

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