• m a u i •

So, Harper has been asking for a kitten for quite some time.  We have a cat... but ... he is 16+ years old.  No longer cares for himself.  He literally has dreads if we don't brush him everyday.  He is so pitiful, it breaks my heart.  To say he's in his last months would be pretty accurate... although, Rob swears he's going to live forever... haha!  This cat has been through liver failure and heart failure.  And has surpassed his estimated survival by 6 years.  He's quite the cat.  But all that to say... he's rather stinky and just not the cat I want my girls loving on ... and I am constantly afraid they are going to break his brittle bones laying on him, crawling over him, etc.


• grandma & pap-pap •

This past week my parents were here visiting!  We had so much fun!!

Now that both of my parents are retired, they were able to stay longer than before... which was so nice!  But somehow, time still flew by!


• w h o l e 30 • week two

Here we are... almost half way through our whole 30 journey!

I have to say, it is getting easier!  I woke up yesterday feeling fantastic (and super skinny!).
I walked into my inlaws house yesterday morning to drop off our girls and even my mother in law said, "YOU LOOK SO SKINNY!" You.Guys!!! I no longer have any muffin top! haha! I'm down about 6lbs (I'm sooo close to the weight I was at - not only prekids but at our wedding.. I mean.. YOU GUYS!!) and Rob is down at least 8lbs (I haven't asked in the last day or so). I know, I know, you aren't suppose to weigh yourself on whole30... but when you're shrinking before your own eyes, you get curious! Thankfully we don't own a scale, so I can't get too obsessed.