walking. swimming. family. & fireworks.

My Heart!
It's been an eventful couple weeks around here!

As of a couple weeks ago... Hayden is officially walking... for reals.  not just taking a couple steps and stopping...but full on walking.  Once she started, she went full speed.  I find myself saying "Hayden!  Slow down!!"  a lot.  She thinks she can keep up with her sister now... and tries to full on run, which typically ends up in a face plant.

On the 20th, Harper passed her swim lessons.  I'm so so so proud of her!  It was a great life lesson for her and a great parenting lesson for us as well! .... that sometimes, even when something isn't super enjoyable (or when your kid doesn't like something) you just have to push through!  She was so proud of herself and her metal... and it was a great learning tool!  We got to talk to her about how great things feel when we achieve our goals, when we work SO hard for them... even when we don't find them fun.

That week we also had family visiting!  My nephew Alex (who is only 10 years younger than me) and his wife Kaitlin, came to visit for the week.  Oh my 'lanta!  I'm not sure I have laughed so much and so hard in a very long time!  We had so much fun with them!  In fact.. so much fun, we convinced them to stay an extra day!

Hayden also started going to the toddler class at church.  She graduated from the baby class... sniff, sniff!! I cannot believe how quickly things are going with her!  This 2nd child thing is no joke!  Slow down time!

I've been working over the last couple weeks, on a slide show for Grandma Esther's memorial service this month.  It has been a lot of work, but I've enjoyed it so much!  I've gotten to search through a jillion pictures, stalk family member's facebook pages for past memories caught in time.  I feel like I've gotten to walk back in time, taken a little time machine... I've been blessed to see a glimpse of life in our family that I normally wouldn't have gotten! 

We've enjoyed the past couple weeks so much!

We've celebrated birthdays.  Had a craft fair at our church.  Had a neighborhood block party.  Celebrated Independence Day with amazing friends!  And wrapped up last night at home, watching fireworks from our driveway!

I always get a little sad when the Fourth is over... knowing summer is half over, and how fast it goes once the fourth is over... sigh.   Before we know it, it will be Christmas again.  ha!

My favorite fourth of july weekend memories:

• Harper finding all the "Flag Americans" on our drives around town... like a game of slugbug
• Harper changing clothes literally 5 times on Sunday due to water fights, muddy messes, and just enjoying life!
• Breakfast with friends on the Fourth.  All of our million kids running around, enjoying one another, filled with joy
• Hayden playing for an extensive amount of time with the "spill proof bubbles" which were not spill proof... but enjoying every minute!... trying to keep up with all the big kids.
• Watching Harper's face light up as she watched fireworks... until one of the grounders got her in the ankle.  She'll be talking about that one for awhile!
• Settling in, after the girls were asleep, just Rob and I, watching the fireworks and thinking... sigh, "I love this life!!"

Showing off her metal!

she loves "swimming" in mommy and daddy's big bathtub LOL

Alex and Harper, watching tv ♥

Shopping at our craft fair!

these girls.  how'd I get so blessed to be their mommy?!

In her new big girl class, eating snack. 

We do this almost every day.  haha.  We love summer!

Her first dipped ice cream cone... all to her self...
well.. mommy ate most of the good part. LOL

Bounce house at our neighborhood block party!

donuts at church... "what?!"

have I mentioned I absolutely adore her?!

Ampa's birthday celebration!

I'm obsessed with Hayden's eyes in this pic!

Ampa's birthday!!!

Mommy's girl!

Sandbox fun!... seriously. this.  everyday.  then popsicles!

Playing at the pancake breakfast yesterday!

We took Ama out for dinner for her birthday ♥

Crazy 3 year old. That's all.

Watching fireworks last night.

This view, from our driveway.  goodness.

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