w h o l e 30 • week one

So, I'm an idiot!


A couple weeks ago, I shared the Whole30 eating plan with my husband and mentioned maybe we should do it.

Right there.  Right there is where I need to learn to keep my big ideas to myself!

But also.  That right there is one of the many reasons God put us together.  I have big ideas and my husband makes me do them.

So, it is no secret that I love food.  It brings me joy.  Breads. Cheese.  Pasta... oh my!  Not to mention I have a daily routine of devouring at least one sweet, yummy latte a day.  And well, Dr. Pepper.  Dr. Pepper is in my veins.

And this.  THIS is why I knew I needed to do a round of Whole30 Clean Eating!  I needed to break some unhealthy thought patterns when it comes to my eating habits.  My whole life I've been able to eat whatever I want and it not effect weight gain.  If I wanted ice cream I ate it.  If I wanted pizza all week, I ate it.  I was a pretty serious athlete growing up and in amazing shape... so a ton of extra calories really didn't add up because they were burned right off.  Then in adulthood, I've been blessed with an over active metabolism.  But... these things have led to SO many unhealthy habits and dependency on unhealthy foods!

A really bad day or a hard day with the girls,  does not need equal a glass of wine and all the chocolate in our pantry.  Or a huge bowl of ice cream.

After having Hayden last year, I feel like food became my happy place.  My mommy survival.  If I was having a bad morning, then it was off to get donuts and starbucks.

I'm not saying this isn't ok every once in awhile, but not only is it expensive... I slowly started seeing my mommy pudge come back that I had lost so easily after having her!

As our Whole 30 start date approached, I became so anxious about it.   Suddenly I felt like Sméagol and my junk food and lattes and dr. pepper were the ring... MY PRECIOUS!!!  I then tried to bargain with my husband.  Can't we just start to limit things and eat cleaner.  His reply: No.  Can't we just try gluten and dairy free again (we've made it through months of this successfully in attempt to help his chronic sinus issue).  His reply: No.  This went on for a bit.  and his answers were always No!

So you're thinking... oh.my.gosh!  How can anyone be so dramatic about food?!  Well.  I challenge you to try it!  Start taking away your favorite foods and see how you feel after a couple of days.  No grains (no rice no corn etc, so no, not even gluten free pasta), No dairy (not even butter!), No gluten, and No added sugars.  You can drink coffee black and natural herbal teas.  Oh... and no beans or peanuts. 

So Sunday we went shopping... our fridge looked like someone else lived in our home... a healthy eating person.  So many fruits and veggies!  Then Sunday night we went out for pizza... the good kind.  the deep dish, cheesy filled with a million toppings kind! 

& Monday we started, and I can't say it's been easy.  

I've made my own ranch.  Found a whole 30 approved mayo.   Found a whole 30 approved hot sauce. Found whole 30 approved green olives.  and THANK GOD FOR CASHEWS!!!  & I'm now that person with almond milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk in my fridge.  

For me, this isn't only about healthy eating.  It's about my thought process regarding food.  It's about self discipline (which I'm SO not good at!!).  

I just found a quote that said, "On the other side of the headaches, fatigue, and moodiness, was power.  MY POWER.  #happierwhole30.  

Can I please get to that.  This moodiness and fatigue and the headaches... and the shakiness.  It's making it hard to push through, but I've been told it's worth it!  

In a few days, I will try to share some of my favorites as far as survival and eating go... But for now, I have some cashews and a banana, with some hot tea calling my name!

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