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Harper went to VBS at our church this week, and OH MY GOODNESS!!

She had SO much FUN!

I had so many people (SOOO MANY) tell me how much fun she was in praise and worship and how cute she was singing and dancing!

The preschool director text me after the first day and told me that Harper was so nice to all the kids that don't attend our church that were at VBS!  My heart about exploded!  I had prayed that EXACT thing over her on the way to drop her off on the very first day!  And... because I work at the church a bit, I was able to snoop on her off and on and see her in action on a few of the days.  At one point, during snack, a little boy at her table spilled his water.  She hopped up, grabbed several napkins and cleaned him up and the table and floor.  I in that instant, text my husband and said... "we are raising a good kid!  We are doing something right...".  And it is so true!  It was such an encouragement to my heart to see what a rad little human we are raising!  All that frustration and times I want to pull my hair out... all worth it!

She learned so much this week, and it was truly such a blessing to our family!

She ate snack right outside my office window.  So
you can bet I totally spied on my princess!

Look at this group of kids and volunteers!! And this is about half!

Snack with her friends ♥
And this is what Hayden and I did while sister had
fun at VBS ♥

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