• summer days •

summer is here!  

can you believe it?! 

I really don't know where May went?  Did we have May!??
I seriously feel like we went straight from April to June! 

The days are getting longer. 
It's warming up here in CO!  Thunderstorms are
rolling in most afternoons.  

It's official. 

Summer Days are here!  

Two weeks ago, Hayden suddenly started a high fever.  The next day it was gone.  No symptoms.  Nothing.  But that set it all in motion. Two days later, Harper had a fever then the cough started.  She's still coughing!  This past Friday Rob and I both started a fever.   Throw a round of Mastitis in there for me... I was a seriously mess!  Hayden now has the cough.  In fact, this morning at 4 am, bless her heart, she coughed so hard it made her sick to her stomach.  Flash forward, mommy and Hayden showering at 4:30a.m.  It's been quite a crazy last two weeks!  But among all the exhaustion, there has been so much fun!  We haven't let it stop us from enjoying our first days of summer... too much anyway.  

Muddy Hands!! Her new favorite!

When a little of CA comes to CO!  It was like therapy for my soul ♥

Ready for swim lessons!

they love playing outside!

Going on a date with daddy!

Memorial Day picnic outside!

swim lessons!

Our donut date!

Levi's baseball game!


Sprinkler time!

Finally her hair is getting long enough for a pony!

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