• our trip to MO •

So shortly after our little getaway to Wolf Lodge, we jumped on an airplane and flew to see my family in Missouri!

A couple days before we went, MO began getting rain... and TONS of it!  Everywhere was flooding.  It was insane!  My parent's live across a creek... well, it flooded, went up over their bridge... it was a mess... but thankfully that went back down pretty quickly.  However, the interstate between their house and the airport - flooded.  Another US hwy that we traveled alot on while we were there - flooded (only one side of it was open).  It was nuts!
Our plan was to spend a day in St. Louis... but it was so rainy and cold we decided to just head to my parents house! 
Thankfully the weather got a lot better after a few days. 

We met my sister and her family in Branson for a fun day at Silver Dollar City.  Rob was able to spend a couple days with one of his best friends that lives in Springfield.  My sister and her family came for another evening/dinner at my parents.  Church, where we saw tons of people.  Lots of laughs and lots of fun!  It was a great week spent with family!  Harper and I both cried when we left.  It was a wonderful trip! 

We had some time to kill before our flight.  So Harper
talked her daddy into doing Build a Bear! ♥

On our flight!  Hayden's first plane ride! ... Harper's
first time in her own seat!  They both did amazing!

Cooking dinner with Grandma!

Of course Grandma made her poppy hair!

Me and my girl!  We are on our way to Branson!

These two!  They are 6 months apart and are SO fun!

Hayden and her cousin, Miah, aka.. Harper's twin ;)

My sister!!! ♥♥♥♥
One of the many rollercoasters of the day!  Loved this shot I got with the
amazing view!

My sister.  And my baby.  And my heart exploded!

Grandma and Harper and their Fairy Garden!

Fairy Garden!

Harper baking Abi's birthday cake!

Tea party at Grandma and Pap-Pap's!

She picked this and ran up to me... "happy Mother's Day!!"

Dinner out on the deck.

My mom got out my old Samantha doll.  Harper was in heaven!

Daddy's girl!

Pap-pap ♥

Oh Andy's!!! now my mouth is watering!

Goodbye MO!

Blessed with good travelers!

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