• mothers day & the in betweens •

I had just the best mother's day!  It was so fun this year because Harper was actually old enough to kind of get it.  And she was so sweet! 
I was treated to chocolate, new clothes, decorative pillows... and dinner at a favorite restaurant after church.  It was fabulous... but one of the best gifts of all... I GOT TO TAKE A NAP... BY.MY.SELF!  It was heavenly!  I think I could've slept til morning, but was so happy to have my girls come wake me up so sweetly!  Then we went and had dinner with our family and us 'moms' went on a walk and went shopping a bit.  It really was such a wonderful day!  I felt loved and refreshed. 

It really felt like summer was here, if not just near.  We got back from vacation where we were able to wear summer clothes... the days are getting longer.  We've been going on evening walks. 

And then Thursday morning we woke up to snow.  Snow falling.  Snow on the ground.  SNOW.  insane.  I should've known.  I was so happy it didn't snow on mother's day, as it has every year since I've been a mom... So I should've known it was coming.  I'm so ready for a warm up.  We have camping plans this coming month so it better shape up! 

Harper started swimming lessons last week.  She loved it!  We got her started in this cute indoor swim school.  The lessons are one on one and really geared toward safety and making it fun.  They also offer mommy/daddy and me classes on Sundays, which we may start taking both girls to.  But she will be doing lessons once a week for a bit.  Her teacher thinks she will be past a level 1 within just a couple lessons, 3 max.  So excited for her!  She loves the water! Harper's plans for the summer include swimming and VBS!  And possibly a new sandbox!  ... as well as lots of digging in the dirt and mud! She's so outgoing... full of energy, always looking to make a new friend, and continues to bring so much joy to our family!

Hayden is almost a walker.  ha!  Yes.  Shes 14 months and still not walking.  She's happy crawling or being carried.  And you know what... I'm totally ok with that as long as she's healthy.  And get this.  She can totally walk.  haha.  She does.  She's just apparently decided crawling is quicker.  She's chattering nonstop.  Her favorite words include:  momma, dada, no-no-no, bonk, boo,  all done & more.  She occasionally will tell you what a dog or a cat say.  She signs when she's ready for bed, please, more, and all done.  She's crazy smart, just like her big sister.  She's still nursing a few times a day (I never thought I would ever nurse this long... ).  Her fine motor skills are amazing.  She's all about shape sorters and puzzles!  She loves to give hugs, kisses, and blow kisses.  She is the sweetest little one you'll ever meet! 


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