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Our Pastor took this photo of Harper.  And I am in love with it!!
I have come to realize that blogging is seriously falling by the way side! 

I miss blogging and writing, but the season of life I am in right now... it just doesn't quite fit. 

So for a bit, I'm just going to try and document the big things.  The holidays.  The birthdays.  And maybe a few in betweens here and there... but not a lot.  & we have a few getaways coming up that I will definitely try to blog about. 

But Easter...

Easter weekend was a whirlwind! 
Saturday was our church Easter Egg hunt, which was SO fun!  And so many of our friends that don't attend our church were able to come too!  Which was SO fun! 

Harper was so excited to have her cousins and all her friends in one place!  I could hardly contain her crazy excitement!  ha!

these two.  best friends.

Kai and Harper!  They are 2 months apart and so much fun!

I really wish that Levi, Tate, and Avonlea would've been
in this photo too!  ♥

I had a brilliant plan for Easter... we'd wake up, take our time doing Easter baskets, get ready, not hurry and go to second service.  Ha.  Laughable.  We were late even to second service!! Go figure.  So Sunday morning was a bit of a chaotic mess... not too many pictures were taken... but we were there.  and we were all somewhat happy.  And I don't think there had been much arguing... so that's a win! 

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