Happy First Birthday, Sweet Hayden!

This past weekend, our sweet little one turned one!

We celebrated at our home, with just a few family members.

As we are walking through a season of loss in a few different areas of our lives, (I will blog about that later on... maybe.  If I can find the words.), it was great to celebrate... and also a great distraction.

So on Sunday we celebrated.

We watched Trolls (of course)... our girls are obsessed.  Played.  Tried to talk Hayden into eating cake. Opened presents.  talked hashtags (ha).  went live on facebook for the first time (cracking up...).

Then we headed over to Jack and Kathy's for a big family dinner... much like a thanksgiving dinner. so perfect.

At 1 year old, Hayden...

  • is a teeny-tiny peanut, weighing in around 15lbs.
  • isn't walking yet... she's decided crawling is MUCH faster.
  • has yet to have any teeth break through (mama is ok with that for now... as we are still nursing)
  • is a chatter box!!! 
  • naps on her own, starts out sleeping on her own at night and then it's in bed with mommy and daddy
  • LOVES the movie Trolls (seriously... she attempts quoting it in her little sing-song chatter, and it's the cutest thing ever).
  • LOVES blues clues with sister.
  • LOVES to finger paint
  • LOVES her sauce packets and puffs
  • LOVES to chase sister around the house in her walker or crawling, as sister screams and she bursts into laughter.
  • LOVES bathtime with sister. 
  • is still wearing 9 month clothes. ha. ♥
Hayden is definitely her own little person.  She has the sweetest, gentlest soul... yet a temper like none other.  She enjoys order, and likes to clean up her toys.   

On her actual birthday. ♥

Early morning of her birthday...Big sister woke her up with a present. ♥
We were out pretty late the night before, so the girls are still
in their clothes from the day before, and their hair is a
mess... but that's life.

& just to keep things real....

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