bravery and grace.

Not too many people have the privilege of seeing selfless love LIVED out... right in front of them. Our society is filled with so much selfishness, how it effects us, how it makes me feel, what about me... you get the picture.

These two.

Toward the end of last year they committed to taking care of Grandma Esther, supporting her through her lasts (however long that might be). Supporting Grandpa. Laying their own plans, their own schedules, their everyday lives down for the love of Grandma and Grandpa T. 

As they discussed it with 'us kids' we all of course supported them, but all with caution said, "you know this isn't going to be easy".  But... They were all in.  This was not something that was decided on a whim.  Doctors were consulted.  Grandma and Grandpa discussed it.  This is what she wanted. Her lasts were to be spent with as much family as possible.  

Over the past month I saw my father in law and mother in law love so deeply.  I saw so deeply into their hearts and found myself so proud to see how clearly Christ is/was reflected in their lives!  

Many days my father in law didn't get sleep.  Everyday he was caring for his mother with such love and grace, through the sleep deprivation, through the heartbreak of seeing his mom so weak, as she was at the end of her days. 

Not once did I hear this man (or my mother in law) complain.  NOT ONCE!  Not once did they act as if it was an inconvenience. In fact, they saw this opportunity as such a blessing - to serve Grandma Esther so well... to love her with patience, to love her with grace, and to surround her with family.

I consider myself extremely blessed to be the daughter (if only by marriage) of these two.  I pray that one day God will help 'us kids' serve them in such a way and show them the love that they did to Grandma Esther.  

The bravery that it took, to pour your heart out so fluidly.  To courage it took, to sit with Grandma in her last days.  the bravery to lay your own life down, to take care of another.  I consider myself privileged to have had a glimpse into such a love story.  It doesn't get much more biblical than that, friends. 

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