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So I finally wrote about Harper's birthday... my parents were here and it was so great!  We miss them a lot now though!  Oh my.  Life has been a wild ride lately!  But it's so beautiful!
Here is a peek...

Have been building our immune systems! You probably read in Harper's birthday post about how the stomach flu ripped through our home.  Well before that we had been well for 20 days.  yes. a whole 20 days. ha!  So last Sunday Rob and I headed off to church and left the girls with Ama... to hopefully give them another week to build their immune systems.  THEN... Monday morning Harper woke up sneezing like crazy and had a drippy nose.  I sent an SOS to my mother in law for Elderberry Syrup and about an hour later she was on my door step with a homemade batch.  That stuff is amazing!  Between that and an immunity blend of essential oils that we have been apply morning and night... I'm hoping we can ward off the junk going around!

Reading. Reading. Connecting! Right now I am reading three books. ha.  So laughable.  I rarely RARELY have time to read... but right now I find myself a part of 3 different ladies groups, all which I'm reading a book for.  But I love it!

Getting ready for Preschool!  As I mentioned in my last post... we registered Harper for Preschool (for the fall) this week!  She is SO excited!  She will just go a couple mornings a week... but it will be a good start.

Date Nights!  One of my goals this year was for more date nights and alone time with the hubs!  Last weekend we snuck away for a quick date night to the yummy mexican food place down the road.  They have an amazing happy hour all day Saturday til 6.  It was such a fun night!

Super Bowling! Last Sunday we had all the family over for Super Bowl Sunday.  Somehow Harper felt this was an extension of her birthday. ha!  She thought it was amazing!  Two parties - two weeks in a row!

Sleep Training! Hayden is being sleep trained! ha!  You guys.  I have PRAYYYED about this for awhile.  Just that the transition would go well. That God would give us the wisdom to know the right time to transition her from cosleeping and night nursing to being a big girl.  And that God would help me not make the decision based on emotion, but based on what was best for Hayden... because let's be honest.  She's my baby.  I love those cuddles!  But this week, on a fluke, we started the sleep training.  Last night she slept on the crib mattress, on the floor. by her self. and DID AMAZING!  I woke up to nurse her once... but that was for me, not for her.  ha!  Mama can't quit cold turkey - OUCH!  Her naps this week have been on her bed, falling asleep on her own.  I am seriously in disbelief.  I'm not sure how this even worked or happened.  All I can say is God answered my prayers!  And I am so thankful!

Enjoying spring like weather! We have had some amazing warm days lately.  Now, granted, tomorrow a snow storm is moving in... but today - today it's suppose to be in the 70's!  I'll take it!  It has me dreaming of planting flowers, a garden, and hanging beautiful hanging baskets from our porch... sigh. 

Planning our trip to MO! We will be traveling to MO this spring!  We bought our plane tickets a couple weeks ago and we cannot wait!!! We have been talking and planning what we are going to do... I've heard rumors of fairy gardens and trips to Branson!  We can't wait!

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