Happy Birthday Harper!

Our sweet baby girl is three!  I am not sure where time is going... but wherever it's going, it's going way too quickly!  This precious one is so amazingly smart and quick!  She is beautiful, compassionate, and has a heart of gold!  She loves big!  She has a temper and fire inside of her that is bound to lead her to changing the world. 

At three years old, Harper: 
•  Knows her colors and shapes
• Can count to 20 (most days)
• Knows her address
• Knows her full name and all of her parents and grandparents names
• Her favorite color is no longer purple... it is now Pink.
• Her favorite movie is Trolls. 

We are working on her letter and number recognition as well as her birthday (the actual date).  We started working on how to spell her name recently.  She can whip out big words when you are least expecting it.  She asks "why" a jillion-million times a day... which leads to her knowing things that will totally throw you off that a three year old would know that certain thing... i.e.  "Mommy you know why it's dark outside?... because the earth spins.  We live on a planet called earth mommy!  And it spins and also goes around the sun."  Um.  ok miss smartie pants!  We registered her for preschool for the fall.  She is so so so excited to go to school!... my heart can barely handle the idea! BUT... I want her to get the socialization and exposure to the structure of a classroom.  Our home "totschool" doesn't supply either of those things. 

Harper's birthday weekend was wonderful/chaotic/miserable.  My parents came to stay the week (the wonderful part).  And thank goodness!  I'm not sure how I would've gotten through the weekend without them.  The Tuesday before her birthday, Harper caught the stomach flu.  Thankfully she is a quick one and knew what was up, and even made it to the bathroom.  Mama was so proud!  I truly thought since there weren't any messes to clean up that maybe we could dodge the bullet and it not go through our whole family, especially with her birthday coming up.  I had oils diffusing like crazy.  Clorox wipes bought in bulk.  I thought I was covered! .... Until Friday.  When Hayden started getting sick. Her's lasted until Saturday.  And when you are a nursing mama... and your baby is sick.  How do you NOT get it?! Can someone tell me? lol.  So... Sunday late morning I looked at my mom and said, "let's get the party set up NOW.  I'm not feeling so well."  We had already prewarned all of our friends with kids who were coming as well as our family.  All the family chose to still come.  Thankfully.  I don't think Harper really knew the difference.  I kept praying for God to help me just make it through my baby's birthday party before I got sick.  He answered that prayer.  The party was SO fun!  Filled with yummy snacks and donuts instead of cake!  It was such a fun day (even though I honestly was quite miserable).  Sunday night it officially hit me. I was SICK!  But thankfully.  It stopped there.  Rob didn't get it.  My parents didn't get it.  whew!  

But overall, her birthday was a success!  AND I didn't have to miss it!  That was SO my fear!  

Here are some more pictures from her birthday weekend/party ♥

Happy Birthday my beautiful princess!

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