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Oh my goodness.

So apparently sickness is not through with our family yet.  Hayden started a fever on Friday and it didn't break until last night.

My heart is so sad.  Not only because she has been sick, and still isn't feeling well... but thank goodness no fever, but because Rob took the whole week off between Christmas and New Years.  He headed back to work today and I have just been sad.  I had this expectation of what that week was going to look like... and well.  It just didn't.

New Years was mostly spent rocking and consoling a miserable baby with a fever that couldn't breathe well.  But we were able to squeeze in some games with Harper, and a toast with Martinelli's at "midnight"..  aka... 10pm.  And as much as I had hoped that evening would look a lot different and be a lot more fun, Harper had a blast and thought it was so awesome to stay up past "eight zero zero"! And the memories we made ringing in 2017 won't be forgotten.  They are treasured memories of our family and I just adore that!

Yesterday, we had to miss church AGAIN... I miss church so much!! And our family shopping day we had planned was Rob taking Harper shopping.  And then they camped out in our living room on a floor of pillows and blankets.  And I cried. ha.  I am so sleep deprived and overwhelmed and I missed my big girl!! And to be honest, a little bit of me was jealous Rob was getting to have all the fun with her.  But at the same time... what a blessing to have him home with me so that I could give almost all of my attention to Hayden.  So last night as Rob and Harper were having all the fun, Hayden and I camped out on our bed with the humidifier billowing over us and essential oils filling the room... with vicks rubbed about everywhere I could rub it and watched the Harry Potter Marathon that was on freeform.  yay.  But it was sweet in it's own way.  At one point in time while I was rocking Hayden, she put her hand on my face and give me the biggest smile as to say "thank you for taking care of me mama!"... and my heart melted.

That was nearly trumped this morning by her exclaiming "birrrr!! Birrrr!! BIRRRR!!!" to the praise baby bird on the tv.  oh my heart!!!

By the end of this week we are suppose to have 10 inches of snow and I can hardly wait!!! Praying the rest of our family stays healthy in 2017!

In the mean time, I am part of a group that made vision boards for 2017... I thought I would share mine here as well...

I hope to be in constant pursuit in my relationships... especially my relationship with God, Rob, and our girls, living with more intention.  The circles describe what that looks like to me... ♥  So other than our word for our marriage and family, these are some goals I am going to remind myself of throughout the year.  And I have to say... I'm doing a lot better with the "put your phone down" than I thought I would.  In fact, I keep asking Rob to send me pictures he's taken because I don't have any.  yikes!

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