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God is concerned with what happens to us... but he is a lot more concerned with how we respond to what happens to us. 

You guys this!  

This gem of wisdom was passed along to me earlier in the week and I cannot get it out of my head!  It goes right along with another thought process change I've been working on lately...

"it's not about the love you get from others, but the love you give others."  

Life is hard sometimes.  People are hard to love sometimes.  But God is more interested in how we respond.  the love we show those people in those hard to love moments.  the faith we hold on to when we are walking in a valley. 

That's just good stuff!  

 I feel like I use to be really good and loving people unconditionally.  going above and beyond.  being a good friend.  loving on others.

And then life happened.  hurt crept in.  I became callused.  the enemy has used it.

I wouldn't say I'm a mean person by any means.  Gosh.  I sure hope not.  But being honest...
how I treat others a lot of times has a lot to do with how they treat me.  If THEY have ever gone above and beyond.  If THEY have shown me love.  If THEY have shown me grace.

Because, lets be real.  Those things take energy and time.  And I have two kids.  ha.  So somewhere along the line, I adopted the thinking pattern of "well, if they wouldn't do it for me then I am not 'wasting' my time on them... ".  uh.  I really want to delete that right now and not post that.  but its real.  It's ugly.  and THANK GOD he doesn't leave me where I am.   He loves me enough to help me sweep the cobwebs out of the corners of even the ugliest parts of my heart!

Thank you Lord for making all things new!  Even my 30+ year old stubborn ways!

so lately.  .... life has been busy and wonderful. and for the first time in I don't know how long I heard these words come out of my mouth... "I NEED A CALENDAR!".   I've never been a planner person.  I don't like what it does to me.  You see, if you know much about me, you know that I'm a rule follower.  Not a spontaneous person AT ALL!  So when I have a planner and things are written down and if they happen to not go as written it DRIVES ME INSANE!!! Like bad mood insane!

But life is SO busy right now!  And somehow my brain keeps skipping weeks in my "brain calendar".  ha!  So I have to begin writing things down.  doom doom doommmm.... I'm old!  It's official!

Meal Planning: Yes.  It's happening.  Weekly shopping trips.  Cute little printout with Rob's work schedule, and our planned menu for the week.  On the fridge!
This kind of goes along with the whole planner/control freak thing tho. In example.  Saturday night our menu said "enchiladas and rice".  Well.  around 4pm, we were invited over to someone's house for dinner.  .. cue stressed out, things not going as planned, conflicted inner battle.  Then my voice of reason (aka my husband) said, can't we just do enchiladas for lunch tomorrow.  ha!  So laughable now.  but my goodness.
Have I mentioned I am a little ocd?! ha!

But with this, I'm hoping to try a lot of new recipes!  I will try and share the more successful/liked ones.  I tried a new enchilada recipe this weekend... it was ok.  I also tried a new orange chicken recipe this week.  Rob loved it.  For me it was eh...
Last night was yummy ranch pork chops!! SO GOOD! and SO EASY!!! Pork chops in the crock pot, with dry ranch dressing mix, cream of chicken, and a bit of water.  We added a little bacon too... because.  I mean.  bacon.  And had yummy mashed potatoes with it.  SO GOOD!! 

Of course our grocery store has a starbucks!  It makes grocery shopping
a tad more bearable!

Spending time with Friends:  The holidays are over.  Our kids seeemmm to be on the healthier side, so we have been spending a lot of time with friends.  Our dinner group.  Birthday parties.  Church.  My mom's prayer group.

so good.  my heart was feeling so lonesome for my people.  it is SO good to be around them all again!  I mean - even in my mom's prayer group this week, I had friends giving me Christmas presents because we had to hibernate basically the whole month of December and first part of January!  so crazy!
These girls .... I just LOVVVE that they get to grow
up together! (all the oldest siblings) To think... over 3 years ago when
we all became friends, it was just 8 of us and Kate.  Now there are 16 of
us with our kids! It about makes my heart explode!

Harper and Kate! ♥

Us.  At Finley's birthday party ♥

Such a fun day celebrating one of Harper's sweet friends!!

Birthday planning!!!  Harper turns THREE in ten days!  TEN DAYS!  We will be having just a small party for her - close friends and family.  My parents will be here for the week. SO EXCITED!   And then it's on to planning for another little miss who will be turning ONE in March!  I don't know if my mama heart can handle that!

Going out! Back in the day, Rob and I use to LOVE to go out.  Get dressed up... go dancing, hang out with friends.  Then we got old. had kids. and never leave our house. ha!  BUT... every year, his work has the most AMAZING holiday party!  It is always such a great time!  And gives us an excuse to get dressed up (and for me to go dress shopping!) and just have a fun night together.  This year, he literally about had to make me go.  I was dreading it.  I didn't want to leave the girls.  We have just been in a "date night at home" funk... (one of our new year's goals... more date nights ALONE!).  BUT... I'm so glad he pushed me out of my comfort zone!  The theme was masquerade ball.. I think I got ONE pic with a mask on, ha!  We barely took pictures.  Thanks to one of Rob's coworkers, we got this one!  I am pretty much in LOVE with the dress I wore and kind of want to go somewhere fancy again, just so I can wear it!  It was a black, form fitting, shift dress with sequins! fancy, ha!

Hayden is 10 months old!! Not sure how my teeny baby is so close to a year old!! But, she is seriously one amazingly awesome little lady!!

Family time!  We have been trying so hard to be intentional, connecting as a family of 4! 

choo-choo train with baby sister's diaper/wipes boxes!

Didn't you know owlette was our daughter?! ha!
Anyone else have a little girl obsessed with PJ Masks?

She LOVES playing in our bedroom!  Mommy doesn't
mind either.. gives me time to actually clean/put laundry away!

Our sweet, smart, beautiful Harper!  Rob got me a new phone this week
and the camera settings on it are AAAAMazing!!! bye-bye grainy pics!

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