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God is concerned with what happens to us... but he is a lot more concerned with how we respond to what happens to us. 


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So oh my goodness!
Gotta love it!
It is seriously one of those weeks that you just can't quite get a grip on.  So much craziness.  Some I can go into. Some I can't.

The girls have been so sick.  We ended up taking Hayden to the Children's After Hours Tuesday night at like 9:00pm because her fever came back.  Turns out ear infection.
Then Wednesday morning like clock work, Harper spiked a fever.  I think (fingers crossed) it is down this afternoon.  But I'm just not confident in that yet.  That kid is a hard one.  There is never a way to tell she is sick.  She will run and play and won't even feel like she has a fever to the touch.  But you take it and BAM 102! She is a tricky one!  Hayden is pretty easy to detect!

Rob got ready to come home from work last night and the car wouldn't start.  Thankfully we think it was just the battery.  And thankful for my father in law who went to his rescue so that I didn't have to take the girls out in negative degree weather!

Life is just messy right now.  My house is a mess.  The laundry is finished, but has taken up residence on our couch and needs to be put away.  I just have that wayyy out of control feeling.

So.  what better time than to focus on possibly my biggest blessing... my marriage!

Reasons I love my hubby continued...

6.  He knows how to change a car battery.  Ha!  Seriously.  He saves us money because he is handy!

7.  He knows when I'm overwhelmed.  Like today he took nap duty and let me make my coffee, sit, sip, and breathe for a moment.  SO nice!

8.  He does most of the grocery shopping. ha!  If your a mom (or even if you aren't) you probably get this one!

9.  He talks me down off the ledge.  Reassuring me.  Affirming me.  Loving me.

10.  He pursues me.  Our marriage. He picks up the slack!


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Oh my goodness.

So apparently sickness is not through with our family yet.  Hayden started a fever on Friday and it didn't break until last night.

My heart is so sad.  Not only because she has been sick, and still isn't feeling well... but thank goodness no fever, but because Rob took the whole week off between Christmas and New Years.  He headed back to work today and I have just been sad.  I had this expectation of what that week was going to look like... and well.  It just didn't.