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If you have read my blog in the past, you may know that we gather together with our friends, celebrate the new year and all pray together and discuss where we hear God leading us for the year.  It is a night that always leaves my heart and soul feeling so refreshed.

This year we got together before New Years, so that we could all find childcare a bit easier.  Now granted, half of us still have little ones under a year that tagged along (hashtag nursing moms! ha!).  But it was still a bit more relaxing than having all of our older kids running around having fun and causing havoc, lol.  (AND Harper got to have her first sleep over that wasn't just with Amma and Ampa... she was SUPER excited! And is still talking about it.).  Anyway...

We all gathered, caught up a bit post holiday craziness, and just were able to laugh and have a great time!

This year Rob and I had a couple different thoughts for the year, but there was one that kept ringing true.  It came up a lot.  Even before we left the house for the party it was evident.

Oneness.  Unity.  Walking in life together as one.  Being parents is a hard gig.  I feel like the whole oneness thing we had down really well before kids.  Now as parents to two little girls who keep us hopping and exhausted we find ourselves living life together, along side one another, happily, but a little short of oneness.

Rob and I are a lot alike in our personalities.  We grew up a lot alike - in strong christian homes with biblical discipline... with a lot of love and support.  So, quite honestly, most of the time we don't need to overly communicate on our choices for the girls.  But along with that, on the rare occasion it totally throws us off when we aren't on the same page.

We strive to be a strong, solid, united couple.  A unit.

And sometimes when you feel like your passing one another coming and going, it can be hard.

The other word that I have felt God whispering to me lately is delight.

The last few years haven't been the easiest.  They have had their absolutely amazing moments... like the birth of our girls and moving into our new home.  But also their heartbreaking moments... like the loss of two pregnancies.  the loss of my grandparents.  some health scares.  there has been a lot of fear and anxiety.  and learning to trust God's plan for our lives.

God put a desire in my heart a long time ago for a family.  To be a wife and mom.  I can now hear him saying... delight.  Delight in this season of life and delight in Me.

I have the amazing blessing to live within the promise that God made to me many years ago and oh how amazing that is.  I am so blessed to be a wife to Rob and a mama to our precious girls!  We are so very blessed!

Happy 2017 friends!!! May it be a year filled with hope, love, and joy! 

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