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Can you believe it?!  It is almost Christmas!

Excitement has been filling our home, as the question is asked daily, "what day is it today?"... "how many more night-night's till Christmas?"

I have to admit... Having kids makes Christmas even more enjoyable.  And let's face it.  I was obsessed to start out with!

This will be the second year we haven't been back to MO to see my family.  It breaks my heart a little.  Really, Christmas time is usually our one BIG time to all get together... all of us. Siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, the whole shebang.  This year it looks a lot different.  My hope... next Christmas will be a bit more "normal".

It is honestly a blessing we decided not to make the trip again this year.  Last year I was pregnant, and so it was a given.  This year we just couldn't rationalize spending the $ on the three plane tickets we would have to buy, and well... Hayden HATES the car.  So there went our normal road trip out the window.  But anyway.  We've all be sick off and on this month and it's just been nuts!  The girls had a nasty head cold/fever/miserable bug.  Which I of course got after many sleepless nights taking care of them.  The difference.  They got over theirs in like 3-4 days.  Mine.  Well, it will be two weeks tomorrow.  I finally broke down and started taking an antibiotic... as it apparently went to not only my sinuses but my ears.  lovely.

So... lately, this month of December.....

Our home smells like a coffee shop.  And I LOVE it!  I'm spoiled and got a Ninja Coffee Bar for my birthday!  It is amazing people. I can make any kind of latte I want.  Anytime I want.  It's like I have Starbucks in my kitchen.  You might want to sell your starbucks stock.  Because I've been to starbucks maybe 2x this month.  And one of those times was for my free birthday drink. ha.  They might go out of business.  Just saying.
Just look at this yummy caramel/white
chocolate latte!

We FINALLY got our first REAL snow!!  Like one that wasn't just a dusting on the ground.  The kind that makes the snow noise under your tires.  The kind you need boots for.  The kind you have to shovel.  And the kind that is just so stinking gorgeous!!!

This was our gorgeous mountain/driveway view from the end of our driveway last week.  

Harper finally got to make her first snowman!  It was
a perfect snow for snowman making!  She played outside for so long!

so. so SO cozy!!! Oh my goodness.  I just love it! 

Hayden is 9 months old!  Since we've all been under the weather, I didn't get a chance to document it... but Hayden turned 9 months old!  She ironically had her "well baby" check up when she was sick.  So I was thankful that they took a look at her ears, etc.  But that meant no shots (which were actually suppose to be her 6 month shots... we are behind from when she was sick over the summer).  Yikes.  But she is just such a joy!! Not sure how I ever made it through life without my girls!

At her doctor's visit.  Gosh.  I just love her!

Harper and Daddy decorated the house outside! Harper was SO excited to help her daddy hang up Christmas lights outside.  We put the big, vintage style lights all over our porch, then we also have three Christmas trees on our porch and of course a live evergreen wreath on our door ♥

We love having friends over to play!!  One of my dear friend's little girl came over to play one evening with Harper (& Hayden).  They had so much fun!  And it gave me a glimpse as to what life would be like if we had 3 girls. and they were all 1 year apart.  (Brielle is almost exactly a year younger than Harper and a year older than Hayden).  Let's just say, God knows what's up. ha! 

Brielle and Harper chowing
down on some nuggets ♥

Oh my goodness!  I feel like I'm missing so much as far as an update.  But I basically went through my phone's pictures to help me remember what we've been up to. However, I've been trying so hard to be more present lately, to step away from the phone... even if it's to take pictures.  I trying to learn I don't NEED pictures of everything.  gasp.  But it's so hard.  I treasure this season SO much.  I want to capture it all!  But, I realize I can enjoy it even more if I just step back from the technology and allow myself to breathe it all in.

 In fact, if you have followed me on Instagram in the past, you might have seen me disappear.   I was just tired.  Tired of it all.  Tired of scrolling through my feed and not knowing who a lot of the people were.  Or that the people's pictures I actually know in real life and want to see the most weren't showing up.  So.  Old account deleted.  I started a new account on a small scale, but the jury is out on if it will even stay around.  I honestly got caught up on promoting my blog and my mama image there for awhile.  I gained followers.  Did some collaborations. and then it stopped.  And I think it was God reminding me that none of that is REAL.  And I desire more than anything to have His heart and a heart of authenticity.  So here I am.  Just me.  No one super cool.  No one super anything.  Just me.  and that is more than enough for my husband and my family and most importantly my savior!  And I also learned that some (not all) of those mama friendships I had made through social media, that seemed authentic, weren't so much.  It was a great reminder of the beautiful, real friendships I have, and that I need to invest in those.  Not in a name/brand/account on social media.  So.  there's that. 

And by the way.  This holiday season.  Don't forget to take some time out and celebrate our Saviors birth.  After all.  As cliche as it sounds.  He is the Reason.  So humbling. 

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